Cool Socks!.

MomÕs jam cake.

Visiting relatives.

A special Christmas offering.

Buying a cr¸che scene.

Writing a Christmas song.

A special note to each other.

Lighting candles, for advent or not.

A special treat for our dog.

Wearing our Christmas hats.

Opening one present on Christmas eve.

Watching Christmas Vacation.

Hanging of live green outside our entrance.

Going to Christmas eve services.

Eggnog to remember Dad Smith.

Covering up with one of MamaÕs quilts.

Filling an angel tree bag or Christmas boxes for kids.

Attending a Christmas concert somewhere.

Searching the clear winter sky for the Christmas star.

A Hallmark snowman or other special decoration.

Cranberry orange bread, chicken & dressing and cocoanut cake.

Hanging our Christmas cards on the back of the front door.

Buying a special ornament for the tree, and a special music CD.

Saying we are going to send just a few card each year and then sending many.

Reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 on Christmas morning.

Peanut brittle in memory of Dad, and orange slices in memory of Ma Smith.

Driving the neighborhoods looking at lights, and viewing a special lighting display.

Playing Christmas music throughout the season, singing carols as we go down the road.

Open House.

Anonymous service.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate.

Visiting K-Mart in memory of Mama.

White Christmas, Holiday Inn, and Miracle on 34th Street!