Who is Anthony Foster?

I am a lover of God and a Christ follower who has the gift of prophecy that I express through the gift of teaching and shepherding others.

I communicate with images, metaphors, original songs, word pictures, and poetry. So I also write. Sorta "Image and Word in service together".

Excuse me as I cast my vision, which at this point is twofold and developing:

To teach the Word of God using digital technologies- multimedia visuals, motion graphics, music and digital storytelling to serve the purpose of making much of God and enhancing the worship experience of the body of Christ.

To further the vision of worship for the digital age by effectively engaging the contemporary culture in order to communicate the beauty of the Kingdom of God.

This site will feature visuals from my fairly vast portfolio of digital images as I explore blogging as yet another avenue of communication.


From the personal weblog of Anthony Foster @http://anthonyfoster.com/blog/