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2500 Anecdotes for all occasions.    
Albright. The Consecrated Cross Eyed Bear    
American Averages.    
Anecdotes illustrative of Old Testament texts 1900 x  
Apostolon, Billy. 52 Soul Stirring Illustrations    
Barna, George. Index of Leading Spiritual Indicators   x
Barnhouse, Donald Grey, 1895-1960.Let me illustrate: stories anecdotes, illustrations:1967   x
Baughman- the Teacher's Treasury of Stories for Every Occasion   x
Berthelsen. 48 Attention Getters.   x Illustration files x x
Biederwolf, William E. 1867-1939. Illustrations from art-1930    
Blanchard, John. Gathered Gold.    
Blockbuster Movie Illustrations    
Braude, Jacob. Complete Speakers index of selected Stories for Every Occasion    
Braude, Jacob. Handbook of Stories for Toastmasters and Speakers    
Braude, Jacob. Lifetime Speaker's Encyclopedia (2 vol)    
Braude, Jacob. Sourcebook for Speakers and Writers    
Braude, Jacob. Speaker's Desk Book of Quips Quotes and Anecdotes    
Braude, Jacob. Speaker's Encyclopedia of Stories, Quotations and Anecdotes    
Bresee- The Quotable Bresee    
Bromberger. 3000 Practical Illustrations in Religion and Morals    
Buechner, Frederick- Whistling in the Dark    
Buechner, Frederick. Peculiar Treasures    
Buechner, Frederick. Wishful Thinking    
Burgess, David. Encyclopedia of Sermon Illustrations x x
Burns and McKinnon. Illustrations, Stories, and Quotes.    
Campolo, Tony. Let Me Tell You a Story    
Chambers, Oswald- My Utmost For His Highest x  
Chambers, Oswald. Oswald Chambers (quotations).   x
Decision Magazine. Great Reading From Decision.    
Dennison, A. Dudley (Alfred Dudley), 1914- Windows, ladders, and bridges : an anthology of illustrations for public speakers and ministers 1976    
Doan- Sourcebook for Speakers    
Doan- the Speaker's Sourcebook    
Doran's Illustrations- Edited and Indexed by Anthony Foster    
Ely, Virginia. I Quote    
Emphasis Magazine June 1984-May 1994Edited and indexed by Anthony Foster x  
Fadiman, Clifton. Anecdotes    
Flynn, Leslie B.Come alive with illustrations : how to find, use and file good stories for sermons and speeches 1987    
Foster, Elon-6000 Sermon Illustrations    
Fowler, J. B., 1930-Living illustrations 1985    
Green, Michael P.- Illustrations for Biblical preaching 1989    
Group Publishinhg- Videos that Teach    
Hallock, G. B. F. (Gerard Benjamin Fleet), Best Modern illustrations    
Halverson, Richard. Perspective    
Havner, Vance, 1901Sermon sparklers : outlines and quotes1989    
Hefley, James Dictionary of Illustrations    
Henry, Carl F. H. - At His Best    
Henry. The Best Quotations    
Hewett, James S., 1930- Illustrations unlimited 1988    
Hobbs, Herschel H.My favorite illustrations1990    
Hodgen- 1001 Hmorous illustrations for Public Speaking    
Homiletics Magazine Jan 1994-June 1995Indexed by Anthony Foster x  
Hopkins. Simple Object Lessons.    
Hughes, 1001 Great Stories and Quotes    
Hurley, Speaker's Sourcebook of New Illustrations    
Ironside, H. A. (Henry Allan), 1876-1951.Illustrations of Bible truth- 1945    
Johnson, Carl G.My favorite illustration:1972    
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), 1911-1000 illustrations for preaching and teaching1986    
Jones, Loyal. The Preacher Joke Book    
Knight, Walter B. Three thousand illustrations for christian service-1947    
Knight, Walter B.Knight's treasury of illustrations:1963    
Larsen, Craig BrianPerfect Illustrations for Every Topic and Occasion x x
Larson, Craig Brian.Choice contemporary stories and illustrations : for preachers, teachers, and writers1998    
Larson, Craig Brian.Illustrations for preaching and teaching : from Leadership journal 1993    
Larson, Craig BrianChoice Contemporary Stories and illustrations x x
Larson, Craig BrianContemporary Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers x x
Leadership Journal: Illustrations and QuotationsIndexed by Anthony Foster- (Winter 1983-present) partial keyword
Lewis, C. S. The Quotable Lewis    
Little, Charles. 1000 Biblical Illustrations    
Lufburrow, William A.Illustrations without sermons 1985    
Macartney, Clarence Edward Noble, 1879-1957.Macartney's Illustrations; 1946    
Macpherson, Ian, 1912-The art of illustrating sermons:1964    
Matthew Henry- The Quotable Matthew Henry    
McKenzie, E. C. 14,000 Quips and Quotes.    
Mead, Frank. Encyclopedia of Religious Quotations.    
Miller, Herb.300 seed thoughts : illustrative stories for speakers 1986    
Miller, Milburn H.: Notes and quotes for church speakers 1960    
Minister's manual (Doran's)    
Moger, Art. The Best Book of Puns.    
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899.1100 illustrations from the writings of D.L. Moody : for teachers, preachers, and writers    
Musick and Robbins. Everyday Object Lessons.    
Naismith- 24oo Scripture Outlines, anecdotes, Notes and Quotes    
Nappa, Mike, 1963-Bore no more! Vol 2: 1999    
Nasby, A. Gordon (Asher Gordon), 1909-1041 sermon illustrations, ideas, and expositions : treasury of the Christian world    
Nasby, A. Gordon (Asher Gordon), 1909-1041 sermon illustrations, ideas, and expositions : treasury of the Christian world  1976    
Nelson's complete Book of Stories, Illustrations, and Quotes    
Our Daily Bread Indexed by Anthony Foster 1986- present x x
Peter's Quotations    
Pocket Book of Quotations    
Powell, Ivor, 1910-Bible windows1985    
Prairie Home Companion. Pretty Good Joke Book.    
Pulpit Helps, January 1988-March 1995Edited and indexed by Anthony Foster   x
Reader's Digest. Stories Behind Everyday things.    
Reflections: From Christianity Today (Complete)Edited and Indexed by Anthony Foster   x
Rein, R. C.- Treasury of themes and illustrations : thousands of Bible references, quotations, and illustrations topically arranged for the Christian communicator 1983    
Religious Verse    
Rice, Wayne.Hot illustrations for youth talks 4 : another 100 attention-getting tales, narratives & stories with a message2001    
Rice, Wayne.Hot illustrations for youth talks1994    
Rice, Wayne.More hot illustrations for youth talks : 100 more attention-getting stories, parables, and anecdotes1995    
Rice, Wayne.Still more hot illustrations for youth talks : 100 more attention-getting stories, parables & anecdotes1999    
Ryrie, Charles. Object Lessons    
Sangster, W. E. (William Edwin), 1900-1960. The craft of sermon illustration- 1950    
Seldes, George. The Great Quotations.    
Spinrad and Spinrad. Speaker's Lifetime Library    
Spurgeon, C. H. (Charles Haddon), 1834-1892. Spurgeon's sermon notes : over 250 sermons including notes, commentary and illustrations    
Spurgeon, C. H. 2200 Quotations from the Writings of Spurgeon    
Spurgeon, C. H. Pictures from the Pilgrim's Progress    
Spurgeon, C. H. The Quotable Spurgeon    
Stauderman, Al. Let me illustrate : stories and quotations for Chrisian communicators 1983    
Stidger, William L., 1886- there are Sermons in stories-1949    
Stidger, William L., 1886-More Sermon nuggets in stories-1948    
Stidger, William L., 1886-Sermon nuggets in stories-1946    
Stimson, George- A Book About a Thousand Things    
Tan, Paul Lee. Encyclopedia of 7,700 illustrations 1979    
The 776 Stupidest Things Ever Said    
The Biblical Expositor and Illustrator (1990-1995) x  
The Other 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said.    
Tozer, A. W. - Signposts    
Treasury of Religious and Spiritual Quotations    
Tripp. Thesaurus of Quotations    
Unusual Stories, Illustrations and Selections    
Van Dyke, Dick. Faith Hope and Hilarity    
Walden, Viola.Sword scrapbook, no. 2 :1975    
Wallis, Charles L. Lenten-Easter Sourcebook    
Wallis, Charles Langworthy, 1921- A treasury of sermon illustrations1950    
Wallis, Charles Langworthy, 1921-Speaker's illustrations for Special Days-1952    
Wallis, Speaker's Illustrations    
Wiersbe, Warren. Be Quoted    
Wit and Wisdom of the 20th century (quotes)    
World's Wit and Wisdom    

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