Capstone or cornerstone?
• An architectural term denoting the top stone in a building or wall. If it caps an arch it is called a keystone.
• The expression is used twice in the Old Testament (Psalm 118:22; Zech 4:7).

Capstone or cornerstone?
• In Zechariah 4:7 it is clearly the capstone of the temple that is in view.
• The meaning in Psalm 118:22 is less clear ("keystone" JB; "capstone" NIV; "cornerstone" NRSV).
• The Hebrew is translated by the Septuagint as kephalen gonias, literally, "the head of the corner."

Capstone or cornerstone?
• This term in the New Testament five times
– Matt 21:42;
– Mark 12:10;
– Luke 20:17;
– Acts 4:11;
– 1 Peter 2:7).

Capstone of cornerstone?
• Psalm 118:22 refers to the king who was disallowed, then acknowledged to be the rightful ruler.
• Jesus uses the psalm in a parable referring to Israel’s rejection of him as Messiah (Matt 21:33-44, and parallels).
• In Acts 4:11 Peter uses Psalm 118:22 to defend himself against his Jewish detractors.

Capstone or cornerstone?
• In all these passages it must be acknowledged that "capstone" or "cornerstone" would make an equally good translation.
• It is 1Peter 2:7 that tips the scales toward "cornerstone."

Capstone or cornerstone
• These three passages (Psalm 118:22; Isa 8:14; 28:16) are used together to make the point that Christ is supreme,
• Two of these passages (Isa 28:16; 8:14) clearly refer to a cornerstone.
• The temple building story evidently refers to the capstone.

Capstone or cornerstone?
• So the Zechariah 4:7 passage is clearly "capstone" but the remainder are probably best taken as "cornerstone, "
• Jesus was rejected by the ones who ought to have known him but God has exalted him to be the chief stone above all, the very head of the corner, on which all else depends.

Capstone or cornerstone or keystone?