21:03:03 Purpose Driven Life ongoing discussion group

That's what I'm calling it now. We had a deeply unifying discussion last night on Warren's second purpose. This is in a church where there is still fallout from the departure of a couple of former staff that were treated more like employees than family. The wounds have healed, but the lingering fear is for what the chiurch may revealed about itself- we tend to give lip service when it comes to the notion of being a family, but that is suspended in some cases. I fear it has to do with a latent dichotomization of laity and staff.

The discussion revolved around the paradox of the responsibility of believers under grace. I was encouraged to hear testimony of God's working in various lives to enable sacrificial devotion to koinonia and allela in the body. It is generally unseen and so discussing and sharing what god is doing in each others' lives is a great grace we do not want to ration to ourselves. there is authentic relationship with Jesus at the center.

We shared prayer requests as well. Of course for the present conflict and the many servicemen and women from our midst that are involved, but also prayers for the opening of the Iraqi landscape to the Gospel.


I read a poll that linked evangelicalism- the more devoted to faith, the more devoted to war. My prayer is that the devotion will be to the great commandment and the great commission, and not warmongering.

The smell of war- of burning and rotting bodies is something that the news media cannot convey. Someone said it runs down your brainstem and is something you never forget. I want to think of the reality of hell- separation from God for eternity in that way. That was the image Jesus gave us to deal with. that is a great motivation- to tell of a Savior from the wrath of God so that they might believe. that is what we are witness to and what we are to be lighting the world with.

21:03:03 Babel

Bilabials are the first words and infant learns to speak. Actually, the advent of their voicing is the point of demarcation between infancy and childhood. Children tend to manifest these utterings when they are from 6-9 months in age.

Bilabial, Buh buh buh. Babbling. Babel is the same root notion. An incoherent form of doublespeak can invade our lives n the body when we fail to learn to articulate truth. We own it for ourselves when we can communicate Who God is and who we are in light of who He is... Comments?


21:03:03 In the waiting room

I read while waiting to have my teeth worked on this morning about the Tzotzil metaphors in Smithsonian.

Repentance=My heart cries, or my heart grows small or my heart withdraws or my heart becomes two.

You console me= you shape my heart.

I am upset= my heart shakes.

I am at peace= mu heart is seated.

Blessed be the Lord who placed the beautiful image of God in man!

20:03:03 Amazing prayer

I can sense when people are praying for me and I can sense when people are not praying for me. I know this sounds a bit scary and I want to assure everyone I am aware of it and promise not to get too weird. I have people affirm regularly that it is the case that the prayer is there and that produces more humility than anything I could generate (though I am very good at humiliating myself, that's another issue). That's the thing with humility - you seek it and you kill it. Tt has to well up supernaturally as a groundswell from the fountain that indwells us as believers.

Did you ever know that you know that you know something? Well this is one of those things and I don't try to analyze it. Suffice it to say that a sense of one anotherness is developing in my current situation and it has caused me to reevaluate plans, agendas and goals for realizing the call in my life.

19:03:03 Thoughts on Open theism vs. the impassibility of God

I have been following the open theism debate and recently one of our teachers broached the subject with handouts from Aquinas on impassibility which were really derivative of Augustine and Anselm. The notion that God is impassible must be read not in the light of any theology other than biblical theology. The unmoved mover concept at its core seems to me to be unscriptural if it is applied to God’s relational interaction with His creation. Sure God knows the beginning from the end. Sure this is indeed a mystery how he can relate to us when His foreknowledge demands he knows our choices before we make them- but this is part of what makes Him God and us NOT God.
He is morally and ethically immutable- His character remains the same- yet he is moved to compassion, He desires and seeks. Ultimately you cannot say anything that is true of God that is not true of Christ. And here we find the God who weeps and bleeds.

The progressive revelation of God throughout the Old Testament divulges a compassionate Yahweh.

God grieves- Gen. 6:6
Gets jealous/angry- Ex 20:5
Feels compassion- Deut 32:36
Feels pity- Judges 2:19
Sorrow- 1 Kings 10:9
Sympathy-1 Chron 16:27
The Psalms the Holy Spirit reveals to David that God is Happy.
Happiness- Ps. 2:4
Gladness- Ps 5:5
Satisfaction Ps. 18:9
Loves- Ps. 35:27
Delights- Ps. 37:23
Gets pleasure-Ps. 103:13
Rejoices- Ps. 104:31
Further, the prophets tell us that God enjoys His creation.
Enjoys- Ezekiel 5:13
Delights and sings- Zephaniah 3:16

In the New Testament we learn about who God is and how he relates to the world through the incarnation. We see a full range of emotions in Christ- in fact in the Garden we see perfect emotion when Jesus sweat drops of blood in extreme anguish.

And then God laughs-1 John 4:16

Even when the Son took on human flesh, this is not a change in the nature of God in the sense that humans derive their nature from the image of God, not vice versa. Could it be that Pinnock &co are looking for a way to explain away the mystery of the timelessness of God? The Bible reveals that God wants us to know that He never changes- He is the Alpha and Omega and knows the beginning from the end and has ordered our days before we were born - yet he responds to us passionately, not impassibly. God does not deem it necessary to explain the dynamics of this in human terms, because there are none other than the incarnate Christ. Do we really need more?

19:03:03 The Incense of Service

I remember the first time I heard the old chestnut about the problem with living sacrifices- that they tend to crawl off the altar. I think that is seeing the glass half empty and in the end maligns the work of Christ in us. The fact that we can offer up ourselves in a way that pleases the Living God is not something to be passed over lightly. It is by the manifest mercies of God that we can do this glorious thing. When we do anything as unto the Lord we are righteous. When we do anything without faith it is sin. Pretty simple but profound.

19:03:03 NCAA Basketball

Looks like there will be a tournament after all. Here are my picks.


Cool Flash intro I ran across while checking out Flash content alternatives...

18:08:08 Slate's take on Rick Warren

Interesting commentary on Warren from msn/slate:The Book of Numbers Rick Warren's purpose-driven attack on American Christianity. By Chris Lehmann. Important questions worth asking.

18:03:03 Frank Schaeffer chat

ABC News aired an interesting 20/20 segment and followed with a chat on March 17 on the transformation of Frank Schaeffer's ideas towards his son's military service...and from frankschaeffer.com

18:03:03 Prayer request

Got news my Grandma Amy(88) had a sinus infection that went into pneumonia-she is home now but your prayers are coveted...

18:03:03 So persecuted they the prophets that were before you...

Check out this fish story from one of the blogs I read

The Good the True and the Beautiful

check out March 14 entry on Pastor Joel's site

I'll have to contemplate this emotion...or not

*;*{)) A drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin. :-) Thank you!

17:03:03 The Skinny on St. Patrick

He wasn't Irish. He was never officially canonized by the Catholic Church. And he converted Druids rather than herding snakes. Check out this article or this one. Or you can checkout the esermon from Jim Kennedy, A.B., M.Div., M.Th., D.D., D.Sac.Lit., Ph.D., Litt.D., D.Sac.Theol., D.Humane Let.- check March 17 ASAP.

17:03:03 A Beginner's Guide To the End Times

The Washington Post's Bill Broadway reports one prediction that will surely come to pass- the resurfacing of a plethora of end times scenarios in association with Iraq: "Many see evidence of Iraq's significance in end-time scenarios in key passages of the apocalyptic book of Revelation. Chapter 16, which includes the only mention of Armageddon in the Bible, carries a direct reference to the Euphrates River, which runs through modern-day Iraq."

Dr. Walvoord passed on this past year so I guess it's up to someone else to lead the charge.

Good article on ginkworld on the emerging church

"On the more theoretical and theological front, the emerging church has a huge tolerance for questioning well worn doctrinal distinctives; things like inerrancy, theories of atonement, eschatology, and foundationalism all come to mind. All of these are hot discussions in the emerging church.á In most evangelical churches a pretty clear party line has been established that nearly determines your │orthodoxy▓ in their minds.á The emerging church has little tolerance for being squeezed into a doctrinal mold."

The biggest issue I have had in discussions with folks in the emerging church is along the lines of orthodoxy/heterodoxy- there seems to be a willingness to rush to the conclusion that heresy is all about political power and not truth. Comments?

17:03:03 News from around the globe

Saw this on the ABCNews site. I hope to get back to working in it soonest and hope I haven't forgotten what I have learned.I had to put my Maya on the shelf for a while while attending to the BlackBoard duties for my campus while we look to locate another SID.

A study that explains eveyrthing. So is morning quiet time dangerous to your mental health? I guess Ben Frankin was right after all- early to bed and early to rise...Or not?

Somebody fwd:fwd:fwd this to me- too cute.




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