Day 40 Declaration 26:02:03

Who I am and what I am and how I am to live Is centered in the One who lives abundant life to give So as I was buried with Him I too arise To live a life aligned with what my God declares is wise.

So I will live on purpose My God to glorify Looking neither right nor left As to my self I die I will seek his kingdom first and live within His light I will breathe the Spiritıs breath and see with quickened sight

God is God and I am not So on my face I fall Only by Godıs grace will I be faithful to this call

I will see each moment An eternal test and trust I will live like I believe That I am more than dust. I will choose the narrow path I will run the race I will act with wizened ways The upward call embrace

Iıll disdain the praise of man Reckon it as loss I will declare my intent To live before the cross I will live within your word itıs witness I will bear Jealously Iıll guard itıs truth - itıs worth I will declare

God is God and I am not So on my face I fall Only by Godıs grace will I be faithful to this call

I will nurture others, exhort them to the end And with kindness I will seek the wounded heart to mend Christ will be my center My character like gold I will serve by grace and see my story told

I will trust His faithfulness from age to age the same And even though he slay me yet I will bless His name In Christ Iıll find my being- in Him to live and move His purposes will be fulfilled and his mercy proved

God is God and I am not So on my face I fall Only by Godıs grace will I be faithful to this call

Anthony Foster Day 40 February 26, 2003


Day 39 The Calling 25:02:03

For His purpose for His pleasure We were planned to be Godıs treasure To glorify his holy name And to declare his matchless fame

For this purpose we were born For His family we are formed Part of a people of new birth To be His body on this earth

Created to become like Christ Like a pearl of matchless price That by adversity is formed So to His likeness weıre conformed

We were shaped by God to serve Laying down with no reserve Our very life and all our praise Ministers of the ancient of days

For this mission we were made To go and tell and teach and aid The nations to sit at Godıs feet Until the mission is complete!

To love God with heart, mind and soul And to love our neighbors is our goal To tell the world that Christ is Lord And he is worthy to be adored!

For this purpose and the end Everything we are depends Upon our great creatorıs call He is to be our all in all.

Anthony Foster February 25, 2003


Day 39 Fountainhead 25:02:03

His glory wrenches my soul His grace my hunger feeds This devastated one dares gaze Upon the God who bleeds.

In humble adoration I seek to find His face I cast myself abandoned Headlong upon His grace

So with a thirst so violent And with a need beyond all need I bind myself to Jesus side I cling unto the God who bleeds

The fountain of our being flow s forth our lives to fill Souls flood with living water That runs where eıre it will

As the water comes from the sea To drench the earth with rain So to the ocean streams return -this source from which they came.

We borrow our very being From the author of all life The alpha is omega And this is all In Christ

Iıll live up to the privilege Immersed in mercyıs source I will dwell in my fountainhead And delight within His course.

Anthony Foster February 25, 2003


Day 38 Vision and Voice 24_02:03

On the cross It was finished and so it begins. Now we shall ride on the raging four winds On a majestic journey to the earth's very ends Because it is finished He saves us and sends.

So now He is your vision- He pardons and frees us So this is the mission- to bring them to Jesus An echo of the voice of God a story of His deeds Your life tells of the good news that every sinner needs

Every message needs a messenger- for your story you're the one You've a story to be telling so don't stop until you're done.

Once the Holy Spirit you've received You are now filled with His power and peace You are equipped now to go to the nations Declaring His glory to all of creation!

To live and to be the good news that we preach To model Christ's life and obedience to teach To tell how in holy repentance begins God's only basis for the forgiveness of sins

Now Christ is your vision- He pardons and frees us So this is the mission- to bring them to Jesus An echo of the voice of God a story of His deeds Your lips tell of the good news that every sinner needs

Anthony Foster February 24, 2003


Day 37 In the Volume of the Book 23:02:03

The pages of life are quickly read And when itıs all done and when its all said Theyıre turning so quickly then your lifeıs through Your days disappear like the morning dew

Your story goes on you just canıt pretend That you know for sure when it will all end And when it is over you will surely stand To account for the life placed in your handŠ.

All those lines that youıve regretted -He can erase And Heıll write a love song in their place We become His message and the story goes on Compelling and telling the world of the Son

An adventure story , a thriller or be A romance of righteousness for the world to see You can write your own story upon the sand Or be inscribed upon the palm of His hand (Is 49:16)

Your life becomes a holy mystery An epic saga of your life's history For God is a wordsmith but he will not write A single word Œtil you come into the light.

Heıll write His words on His tablet, your heart By the finger of God let your life become Art He'll write for you a new name on a stone In the stories He writes all His blessings are shownŠ

Heıll exchange His assurance for your strife Write your name once for all in the Lambıs book of Life A glorious gift you must dare to receive It comes only through faith to all who'll believe

For in the book of life every phrase Is another story of glory and praise Every milepost a chapter, a new episode Another redemption upon lifeıs road

Each stage of the journey another God story A book of life filled to the praise of His glory Memoirs of the mystery revealed in man Each chapter's an episode in Jesus's planŠ

Anthony Foster February 23, 2001


Day 36 The Mission 22:02:03

We are supposed to be the true light To go to a world that is shrouded in night Go to the world so that they may know But how will they see if we never go?

Billions of people who never have heard The life changing good news of God's Living Word The news of a savior- the answer to sin But how will they know in that silence they're in?

To whom much is given, then much is required And you have Holy Spirit- His peace and His power We all have this treasure in vessels of clay So that God's glory may be on display

So tell of the good news and tell of the plan -the basis of the forgiveness of man Tell of repentance and of a new mind And do all of this in His name divine.

Go to the world till your mission's complete Teach all the nations to sit at Jesus's feet Teach them obedience to all Christ commands Teach them to observe His righteous demands

Baptize them in the Father's great name And the name of the Son let the waters proclaim And the name of the Spirit so Holy ad True So all the world sees His story in You

Anthony Foster Psalm 62 February 22, 2003


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