May 16, 2003 Google sage wisdom

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May 16, 2003-Autopoetry Time!

from Rob's Amazing Poem Generator

Once again, as an escape from productive labor, I have resorted to programming. This one generates poetry. This poem was generated from

Blog In and yet suffering becomes redemptive
because it is not just how
time inclination to incarnate
the truth of Babel story goes on...
Postmodern Gnosticism

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From Poetry Generator 3

but throne on top of tabernacle. wings inside . treat as if or outside , but through window. inside but mouth under . of write amid apple. apple of into but . on top of through . between , glowing as within . and throne write between as if . .

the RoboPoet

ignominious dope shrieks dazzlingly, dark concubine boils irritably, upright entry mars hysterically, tribal corduroy capitulates undesirably, unhoped nothing usurps completely, drunken vowel usurps triumphantly, aggressive condescension burns irritably, ignominious enticement sucks terribly, dingy light sucks abruptly, gray chivalry crashes hypocritically, concrete agitation sheds abruptly, drunken battle-axe crashes abruptly, perfect laundromat overflows undesirably, capricious party defines triumphantly, dingy nothing shrieks dimly, gray life craves grimly, traveled condescension sullies suggestively, drunken degeneration languishes triumphantly, perfect vein craves caressingly, plastic vortex mars thinly,

Wait! it gets worse! this from Goth-o-matic...


Slender beams of radiance
enter this darkened chamber as I kneel,
always a slave, always supplicating,
frozen here, waiting.
Haloed forms wrought in panes of glass loom
as dust dances in the air,
forming an image in my mind,
infiltrating my naked flesh.
Realization dawning on a deathless face.
I raise my head,
now kneeling before this airy fate.


Christians and Cinema

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May 15, 2003 Sabbatical from Blogging

Wow, how time flies! it's been a week since I had time/inclination to blog.

In the mean time I had time to catch up with a few friends one on one so that was sweet. Met with Anthony and Dave, and topics ranged from intentionality in relationships to our move to new ministry opps.

Embracing the metanarrative and the story goes on...
Now just how might one go about that in real terms?

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Scripture makes no secret of its claim to be the universal metanarrative. Yet the very character of this narrative undercuts all human pretensions to totality (as the Tower of Babel story demonstrates). When Israel herself, through the institution of the monarchy, begins to harbor totalizing aspirations and neglects the monarchy of God, as well as the well being of the alien, the widow, and the orphan, God speaks through the prophets and scatters her into exile.

In God's economy, suffering becomes redemptive in nature- especially the pain of those marginalized by the powerful. Totalitarian metanarratives cannot abide challenges to its authority; and yet suffering, in the story of Israel and supremely in the story of Christ, is at the heart of the biblical metanarrative. The biblical story is redemptive because it squarely faces human pain and alienation, and embraces them within God's own presence in human history. 

Yet suffering is not the primary way to embrace the metanarrative of scripture- it is by living , moving and having our being defined by the revealed truth of scripture. The authenticity of the well lived life in the vine sets us free to not just to deal on a level playing field with other competing metanarratives, but in fact to incarnate the truth in such a way as to show once for all how lacking the well meaning substitutes, the fabrications, and the notion of denial of metanarrative as a viable life hermeneutic really are.

The emerging church must deal with the first "spiritual flaw"- that "God has a wonderful plan for your life" (read: as an individual). While it is ultimately true, to make this "law" primary abrogates the purposes of God- it is symptomatic of God's purposes, not primary.

The context is not set- the truth attains only if it is always subservient to the primary concern of God's glory and being the called according to His purpose (Ro. 8:28) -the focus on individualism that has yielded confusion over God's will for mankind. God's will is found in community- and the search for precriptions will only bind that which christ has set free indeed. Knowing the greatness of God is the key if there is one- will I choose to being him lesser or greater glory by the living of my life, in every aspect of my life? Get this right and all else falls into line. It's a great grace to participate in choice making in the land of the spiritually free.

Family News

Earnie made it back in a window between storms from her Mom's where she got to spend time with her sis as well. Iwas able to make more headway on the composition of music for a backlog of lyrics that came en masse.

Started over on my study of Romans- I want it to be more narrative and pay attention to the figures of speech, symbols, types, images Paul weaves as his argument progresses so I am structuring/parsing the Greek and marking it up hyper text fashion for later use in teaching as I go. Lots of illustrations, both homiletical and graphical are flowing out of this. Now to design interactivity as I go- there's the challenge.

I'll be seeing The Matrix 2 this weekend and expect a long line so I think I will revisit some of the links posted here and so can you if you want...see April 16 blog.And look here for more musings on Postmodern Gnosticism.


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