April 29, 2003 Mountain Dancer

There is no longer a mountain to climb
For we have ascended it once for all time
The mountain is holy mount calvary
There where the Holy One died for me.
The mountain of God is the place of new birth.
The mountain of God filling up all the earth
So we’ve entered into the cleft in the Rock
The place of new pastures for all of His flock
Come dance on the mountain of mercy
Beside the crystal sea
Come dance on the mountain of mercy
Where God calls the tune and we can be free…
Beautiful feet dance on the mountain of mercy
Beautiful feet run the race
Beautiful feet dance in the rain of forgiveness
Beautiful feet bringing the message of grace!
There is no more ascending for we have a seat
In the heavenly places at Jesus’s feet
For clean hands and pure hearts are what he’ll provide
So we may stand blameless at Jesus’s side
So let’s sing good tidings and tell of His peace
A song of salvation and His reign’s increase
We’ll dance on the mountains with beautiful feet
‘Til he comes back to make His Kingdom complete!
Come dance on the mountain of mercy
Beside the crystal sea
Come dance on the mountain of mercy
Where God calls the tune and we can be free…
Beautiful feet dance on the mountain of mercy
Beautiful feet run the race
Beautiful feet dance in the rain of forgiveness
Beautiful feet bringing the message of grace!
Anthony Foster
October 3, 2002

April 29, 2003 Which or What???

WHICH Monty Python Character am I?

Ok now which is it?

WHAT Monty Python Character am I?

You're a LUMBERJACK! But that ok, this means that you a versatile and easy going person. You can truly fit into any social enviroment but are a nature nut at heart. You not that concerned about other's opinions.
April 29, 2003 The Unpardonable Sin
Yes I admit it I got a book on blogging to get me jumpstarted on coming up for ideas for college faculty to join the revolution. Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content by Biz Stone. Also got Google Hacks by Calishain and Dornfest. I'll report later on whether they were worth it, cause on the surface, Blogging sure isn't rocket surgery.

Actually THIS is rocket surgery.

Which Fairy tale archetype am I? A Chauvinist? Moi???
April 28, 2003 An Examined Life? Here are the persona questions I considered today...

Are the things I think of as positive- that I slip into taking pride in- really wastes of time and preoccupational?

WHY didn't I even THINK about God until I got in traffic this AM? I'm slipping.

Was my time of confession and repentance this weekend worthwhile or was I being disingenuous?

Why do I go into a tailspin for a time everytime my wife is away for a few days? Am I being codependent or just missing her?

Which am I best at- knowing stuff about the Word and God or knowing God Himself through the Word?

Why do I own so many books?

Why is it that everytime I throw something a way or pass it along, a present need for it comes up within a few days? Am I imagining or just don't want to let go?

If I am clinging to stuff and failing to have a generous enough spirit, what will it take for me to overcome this fault?

Some days, I fear the biggest question Iask is"How much do YOU pay for cable?"
Weather changed quickly!
Diagnostic Questions for Disciples- used in one of the DT classes Iled.

The following questions are for the sake of meditation and discussion...

1. What do you value most in a relationship? Does that apply to your relationship with GOD?
2. What keeps you from spending time with God? Can you say you have ever “tasted and seen that He is good”?
3. What is the difference in true and false guilt? Have you experienced either recently?
4. Has there been a time this week when God touched your heart? A time when you touched God’s heart?
5. If you were to wake up tomorrow and immediately be able to display one kind of spiritual fruit, what would that be? Have you asked God to do that through you? Should you?
6. Are there people you envy enough that you would like to exchange lives with them?
7. If you knew Christ would return next week, what would you do?

8. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? How did you accomplish it?
9. When were you last in a fight? Were you abiding at the time?
10. Do you have any specific long term goals? Do you ever desire holiness?

11. Has your life ever been changed drastically by some seemingly random influence?
12. Where would you place yourself if you could choose to be anywhere on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being a life of hardship, struggle and accomplishment, and 10 being a life of ease, comfort and pleasure but no accomplishment?
13. If 100 people were chosen at random, how many of them would you think  you’d find living a more satisfying life than you?
14. Do you find it so hard to say “no”  that you regularly do things that you don’t want to do?  Is that bad or good?
15. Do you feel you have had much impact on people you come in contact with? How would you know?
16. Have you ever made a major decision, changed jobs or locations for purely financial reasons?
17. Would you be willing to do something that is very unsatisfying for a number of years if you were certain the experience would inevitably bring you a deep sense of personal fulfilment for the rest of your life?
18. Do you ever try to picture God in your mind? What do you see?
19.What does it take to give your life significance?
20. Do you think you can really get to know God in a deeply personal way? Or is he too transcendent?
21. What does it mean in practical terms that Christ indwells you?
22. What is more important -what we know about God or how we feel about Him? Is there a difference in knowing God and knowing about God?
23. It sounds very spiritual to “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness?” How do you do that in practical terms?
24. Is it possible to be too spiritual?
25. How do YOU find the balance between reverence for and intimacy with God?


April 28, 2003 How to find your Inner Sponge

LaTimes story-The cartoon dreamed up for kids has turned out to be a kind of brain balm for stressed-out grown-ups, folks who are tired of swimming with the sharks, of dealing with red alerts, job wars, Enron. People who'd like to get away from it all--at least from the neck up.

" Sandy Cheeks Quote: "Don't you dare take the name of Texas is vain.

Thanks to a friend I have SpongeBob and Karate Chop Sandy added to my desk collection. Though I admit I am too dense to figure out what 's Shakin' about Shakin' Spongebob .But people want my Tshirt everytime I wear it to the gym... sooo maybe I'll have to stop cause it causes them to covet. Don't want to be responsible for folks breaking the tenth commandment....

April 28, 2003 Doings

Got my mini recording studio set up last nite to lay down some more tracks on recently written songs. Actually its a little Mackie and reverb unit along with a couple of good mics and a lavolier and a Mac. So I'll have to hold off on the air conditioner cause of the noise for now. Earnie went to KY to attend to he Mom's surgery. I'm still in town until Thursday as we are interviewing for the SID position which will hopefully get my vocational life back in balance after these months of filling two positions. Whew!

Called on a violin for sale- new and never used the guy said, but he was out of town with an El Paso cellphone number, though he said he lived in the area. When I told him I could wait until he got back in town cause I was leaving for vacation this week-I got the runaround. Sounds kinda fishy.

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