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December 27, 2004 Final Blogs of Anno Domini 2004

Joyous Christmas! We got to spend Christmas at home- about the BEST Christmas present we could have received!

We saw these sundogs on the road to Mom's house for our after-Christmas visit. The picture was taken through the window of the car and did not pick up the one at 9 o'clock on the dial.

Lots of snow at Mom's- My brother Neil was moving in this- I think my brothers needed three tow tucks during the holidays. The driveways were the worst of it. We had a blessed time and got to the seminary campus to take care of registration while we were off too.

Shining, Burning

Shining, burning, we are yearning
For the source of the flame
For the world’s only light
Burning shining-We are finding
All our desire and delight.

I would burn with a blazing heat
Of the fire that dwelled on the ark’s mercy seat
I would burn as a pillar of light
That pierces the darkness -overshadows the night.

Anthony Foster
December 24, 2004



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