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December 13, 2004 The Foster Follies

Things have been going bang-bang-bang since I las blogged.

I sensed Earnie needed helpso I took off Friday and we took Ma Smith in together. I was feeling pretty lousy and had planned to stay home in bed.

I suppose God is teaching me something in all this.

I did get my online school account set up and verified through the seminary.
By the time I tried to register iwonder.com, a problem had arisen and they wanted to sell it to me for several hundred dollars over market price. iwonder how wewonder.com would go over? Sounds more corporate rather than individualistic. As you might surmise- my mind is a bit divided right now, so I will likely wait.

I taught on Luke 15 Sunday morning. The Lifeway curriculum is passable one quarter then they go off the deep end featuring  what is reminiscent to me  of 19th century spiritualized drivel. All they got out of the three parables of the lost was how to respond when someone disappoints you. I ditched it and taught on entering into the Joy of  the Lost being Found. See below.

We went with friends the Bridges to Stephen Curtis Chapman/Casting Crowns/Chris Tomlin concert last night. It was loud, but I was  impressed with the character that came through...
Chris Tomlin remains my favorite young worship leader. All three acts were deeply influenced by Piper in their lyrics and message.

Earnie is off to a get-together with  3 friends- they have established a Christmas and birthday celebration tradition. All of them have birthdays within a month of Christmas. I am here balancing the checkbook and listening to Christmas music.

Entering into the Father’s Joy- God’s Heart for the Lost

Joy the the World! The Lord is come- let Earth receive her King! Click here for the message of joy found in the parables of the Lost in Luke 15.

From: God's-eye View by John Fischer

For now we see through a glass, darkly… (1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV)
"I had a mentor once who loved to teach about faith from a 20-foot long timeline of Bible history that he used as a powerful visual effect.  He would roll out this room-sized diagram with a long line from Adam and Eve to the present day.  On it, at appropriate spots, he would place little figures representing some of the well-known characters of the Bible such as Abraham, Moses, David, Ezekiel, and Paul.  Then he would walk over to where, say, Moses was, turn him toward the future, and place a dark pane of glass right in front of his nose.  ... Though Moses could not see into the future, there were two directions he could look, both of which were useful to his faith and in turn are useful to ours.  He could look back and see how God had been faithful in his own life up until then, and, most importantly, he could look up to God and put his trust in the one who sees all. "

From Tozer: Men Who Met God, p. 70- The Back Side of the Desert

Moses had a most unusual but highly effective postgraduate course. God took him out of the activity and the noise of Egypt and placed him in the silence of the open spaces. He kept the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law. Tending the sheep, he learned lessons of meditation and observation that he could only have learned in the silence. Probably more important than anything else, Moses learned to know himself. That knowledge was a part of God's preparation of the man for his future tasks. We, today, know everything but ourselves. We never really come to know ourselves because we cannot get quiet enough.

Church's 'Skipping Christmas' Campaign Focuses on God's Gift

Charisma News Service Published November 26, 2004, Page B1, Lexington Herald-Leader

Move over Scrooge, a church in Kentucky is skipping Christmas -- sort of. Crossroads Christian Church in Lexington isn't suggesting bailing out on the celebration altogether, just the bad parts such as the stress, getting into debt and huge crowds, The Lexington Herald-Leader reported. "We want to encourage people not to get so caught up in the trappings of the season that they miss the heart of what Christmas is about," said Fred Turner, a pastor at the church. "We are not calling for people not to buy presents or put up trees, but we are trying to turn the focus on the things that matter." Turner said the church got the idea from John Grisham's newest book, Skipping Christmas, which has been made into the movie Christmas with the Kranks, starring Tim Allen. Crossroads Christian began a series of weekly discussions on the "Skipping Christmas" campaign that focus on helping the community find simplicity, joy, rest, belonging and Jesus, while skipping the loneliness, obligations and rush that come with the holiday. The last session will be on Christmas Eve. "We really think this is important because the heart of Christmas needs to be getting back to who Jesus is and why He cares," Turner told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

A controversial new billboard where God is apparently used to sell burritos and tacos for a local restaurant is raising eyebrows in Orlando's religious community.

From This is True


Bay County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office say John Douglas Sheetz, 18, and Misty Ann Holmes, 17, called them to report a theft -- of their marijuana stash. They let officers search their house for evidence -- and were then arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. (AP)

Clich here for pix of Frosty the Snowman's Funeral

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