December 11, 2006

Prolonged Adolescence and Pet Peeves...

I cringe when I hear someone tell an old chestnut of an illustration as if they thought it up or personalize it in a way that makes them seem like the originator of it. That's deceitful, like preaching someone else's sermon...

That's a pet peeve of mine , right up there with "flying fish".Those are the vehicles with ICHTHUS symbols on their bumpers screaming by you at 20 MPH over the speed limit on the freeway like a bat out of you know where.

I have an article somewhere in my files that addresses the late 20th century propensity of young adult males to seek to prolong their adolescence into their 40's. It rang as true, and I'll try to find it. Putting away of childish things is something that becomes more of a challenge in an affluent, youth centered, ease-comfort-pleasure driven society.

I am heartened to see what I hope is a real change- lots of examples out there that this may be changing for the better.

The Corporation

It is instructive to study in Scripture the correlation of the idea of one-anotherness and the concept of joy! Modern ideas of autonomy have invaded the Christian psyche in my generation, and the desire to be alone in the garden with Jesus has isolated individual Christians from the organic synergy and interdependence of the beautiful Body of Christ. I know people who claim to love Jesus and who seem to have a relationship with Christ, yet they try to function outside of the Body. This is a tragedy.

This is an area, I think, where the a younger generation of believers has gotten some things right by attempting a reclaimation of the mutuality of unity in Christ. There are many passages that speak to the corporate Body that twentieth century believers have claimed for themselves individually with no conception of the shared aspects of the faith.

Developmentally, this has incredible ramifications. We develop in community, in communion, in a chorus of faith. Growing up in the boondocks with my books had serious negative impact on my development as a human being, I believe. By God's grace I have seen substantial healing of these deficits, but not without a lot of dying to my flesh. We build spiritual muscles in the challenges of living the Body life. But we all know that.

The Nativity Story

After   a delay and eager anticipation we were able to see The Nativity Story this weekend. I must say that I was left unsatisfied and a bit disappointed at what I saw and heard.

I considered the acting and casting to be the strength of the movie. The attention to accuracy in the details of the sets   set an atmosphere of authenticity that in and of itself caused a tension in this viewer, as the attention to accuracy in WHAT HAPPENED in the only historical accounts we have in Scripture were left unheeded.  

We saw instead a focus on naturalistic interpretation of miraculous events.
The portrayal of the star of Bethlehem was portrayed as a conjunction of the planets was the cause when in history, no such conjunction occurred at the time required by the story. We have the traditional names of the three wise men when Scripture does not tell us their names or number.

The Magi come to the stable in Bethlehem, not two years later as in the scriptural account.

There were no heavenly hosts proclaiming Glory to God in the Highest, just an understated appearance by a single angelic being who would not have inspired fear. And Jesus was not swaddled in the film.

The film just had little passion and was a yawn in those place it should have been reasonable to expect it. Where was Rachel weeping for her children at the slaughter of the innocents? The soundtrack was completely unmemorable except for the somewhat out of place Christmas carols.

On the other hand the ethnic viability of the casting was   wonderful. Ciaran Hinds, the main departure from this approach (he's Irish) was nonetheless the best film Herod in memory. The angst and humiliation of Oscar Isaac's Joseph made for the only real drama in the film. All in all I suspect this will become a staple on the Hallmark channel for years to come. Not what I expected.

Lights from Light Up Louisville.. here is the "Luminate Tree"...
My brother Neil works for the company that was doing the AV work and cameras and he is...
Earnie and the Geek Squad's Rudolph car- there was one for each of Santa's reindeer..
Speaking of Kris Kringle, I had mercy and didn't sit on his lap this year, I let Earnie instead.


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