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December 06, 2005

It is COLD here, and I am not used to the wintery environment- I fell on the ice yesterday and re-injured the knee I hurt last week when I fell down the stairs with the TV.

As I was warming up the car Sunday morning to go to church, Earnie came out and asked if I had the keys. I said yes, she locked the house, and I realized as I was opening the car door that the car's automatic locks had kicked in.

I don't have Triple A, and the neighbors seemed to be gone. I decided there was nothing to do but jump the fence (it was locked too) and break in the garage back door. If anything it alerted me to how easy this house is to penetrate. That will be rectified. I retrieved the other keys, and we were on our way to church. All this newness is making me do dumb things.

On the other hand I sure enjoyed seeing the snow through the picture window over the past few days. We’ve avoided the mall. Our entry room has a fireplace and we have snuggled close together like two birds of a feather with Missy on the blanket beside the fire- which makes for a Rockwellian scene. She’s not normally an indoor dog but in these subzero wind-chills, she has gotten used to coming into the garage. Entry into the first room of the house is a special treat.

We attended Northside Baptist on Sunday, making it in time after the lockout. The Pastor had a very good message from Ruth titled “Returning to Bethlehem”; his series will continue throughout the season. I did notice the total lack of use of Advent as a worship point, so we’ll do that at home. The Fosters’ home is full of candlelight most evenings.

The Christmas music has been great.

We hope to make it to The Messiah at the local High School this evening.

Gratefully, we have a local Christian station that is playing all Christmas music every day. Our new acquisitions this season are Tingstad and Rumbel’s Christmas compilation, and the new iWorship Christmas Dualdisk/DVD/CD.

I found old copies of cassettes and CD’s at Half Price books ( I am glad to be back in a town that has HPBooks, which I missed greatly after leaving Dallas!) these included Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas, a David Clydesdale Orchestral work, Bruce Cockburn’s Christmas, and a Barry Manilow Christmas for Earnie. Let the days be merry and bright!

Watch clips from the DVD

I bought a new flat screen TV to replace the antique one I destroyed last week in the fall, and we watched The Philadelphia Story along with a bio of Katherine Hepburn last night in our cozy basement.

Here's the Paducah trip in pictures!

we got to do something traditional this season- a visit to Noble Park in Paducah, a favorite place from Earnie's childhood ...it was beautifully lit and started the season off right!
The angels greet you as you come and go. There are lots of Biblical themes as well as "holiday" stuff as well.
This is Mac, a six-week-old beagle puppy in for a visit!
Linda's rum cake is almost gone now- but I can still imagine smelling it in the kitchen where she was baking...

Now at home, it is Christmas!

Here is our tree. We went with white ornaments and lights this year, and it fits the decor of the LR well...but then Earnie always makes things beautiful!
Our first substantial snow in Indy,,, as you can see it looks like more than the six inches they predicted! It measures just over 7 inches...
That's the biggest snowfall in our experience for quite some time. I had thought Indy drivers would cope, but it took me two and a half hours to get home last evening!
Missy loves it- but with 4 degree wind chills she won't be out for long...
Here is my preferred mode of enjoyment.

Ahhh, snow! I left the office at 3:15 in a whiteout and only stopped
by Wal-mart to pick up groceries and got home at 6:15. It usually
takes all of 20 minutes. One would think the Hoosiers could drive in
snow, but apparently not. No sign of a snowplow anywhere.

Earnie went to Kroger for the groceries before it started to snow and
an elderly lady in a BMW backed into her. All are OK, and that is our
first accident in over 25 years.

My boss called and said to work from home tomorrow. That is OK by me,
we'll see if I am disciplined enough to accomplish everything. For
now, the log is on the fire, christmas music is playing and the tree
is lit.  So in spite of having to work late on my project, it feels
like Christmas. We had planned to drive in and go to see CON with
friends in Illinois, but since the snowfall, that is off...


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