November 11, 2003 Matrix Musings
Well I finally saw the movie and after reading a few reviews, I expected it to be the Matrix "Convolutions" and I must say I enjoyed it more than the second one, not as much as the first one. Lots of overtly Christian symbolism returns and syncretism rules butall in all it is more positive than I thought it would be- after number two's foray into nihilistic/ marxist ideas.

The final episode leaves much unresolved and if you haven't seen it read no further- lots of spoilers here. My take has always diverged from the average view since I see the machine world as a reflection of and derivative from the human world. There is a machine god but no God to be found for the humans-just a temple and some confused messiah figure that in the end doesn't get raised to glory. Here are a few observations/interpretations from the third installment- Iwon't venture into the past episodes after the fact.





The created order has it’s own creation (Smith)  aspire to  overthrow it’s creator

The One is  a collective  artificial mind

The one and the source  agre convoluted, The Source  is helpless to contol it’s creation

The machines build an enormous civilization- the Architect is the  designer

Reflective of man’s  attempt to build Babel

The designer is derivative of the machines themselves-they created him

The architect  keeps prisoners of his matrix

This is a Satanic analogy, not deity

Apparently bound by undefined laws

Temple is of an unknown god

A place of  undefined worship

Matrix never wuite commits to a God concept unless it is derivative

The matrix is a creation of the machines to make the slaves happy and productive.

Satan’s big lie- that there is no objective meaning to life except to die

It has no meaning yet programs  come to believe in love and karma

Golden fractals are behind the real world Neo can see them once blinded

Seeing with the eyes of the unseen- metaphor for faith

No source defined


The occult?

Illicit  movement between real world and matrix

Train station

Place between  the real and the matrix

Purgatory? The  evil Merovingian contolled access to it.. No explanation of how Neo got there

Extra new characters

Bible does not flesh out all its characters (like the disciples) either

Most  are more like mannikins than real people and not very sympathetic- why should I care what happens to Zion?

Agent Smith

Another derivative demonic archetype- one level removed from the Architect.

He seems to be having fun.


The prophetic voice- trhe Holy Spirit

Obtuse and not all knowing


The faithful disciple

John the Baptist/John/Peter rolled into one

He  mentored the messiah?


The machines still cannot build a powers source ,  operate against electical fileds and you still have to drive a ship  without autopilot.

The enemy is  still being coopted for  man’s use- against the amchines

The matris

Anyone raising kids and going to church  thinks about the meaning of it all.

Just do your job, be a powersource for socity don’t ask questions

The One

Designed on their own terms

“the three movies seen in total “ache for a God”

Never identified, only aluded to.

Penetration of the walls of Zion

Spiritual warfare

Obvious sexual rape symbolism complete with sperm like  machines


And now for a few ponderings?

Why can't Oracle answer a simple question?

Why can't Neo figure  out he’s special;?

Why should I care what happens to Zion?

Why can't machines figure out an alternative power source

Why do the human pose such a threat to the machines?

Did Neo die in the real world too?

Where does Sati go? Doesn’t the train run to the real world from the Matrix?

Why was the Merovingian have such a fake french accent?

Why is Morphus so fat?

Why can’t the Logos fly on autopilot?

What kind of meaningful peace does Neo win? The freedom to hold raves?

Did anyone ever think for a minute the messiah would fail?

If the matrix is such a garden of Eden, why is it so screwed up?

Why were so many metaphysical possibilities abandoned.

Why all of a sudden are lots of bullets effective against the machines?

Will here be a Matrix : Resolutions?

Death of Neo

Arms spread withshape of cross, Source states It is done

No resurrection, Oracle says expect him to return


Have real objective meaning

Postmoden nihilistic hermeneutics .Have no  objective meaning.

The sun

Symbolic of hope and the real

It is accessible if you have a powerful enough craft to reach above the clouds

The Merovingian’s party

Eat drink and be merry that is all there is

Not all that much different than the raves in Zion are they?

The final battle

Antichrist- Has nothing to do with the relationship of Christ to Satan- this is more of a  Mormon slant

Smith is exact opposite of Neo- a Yin Yang relationship

Neo’s assimilation

Christ becomes sin for us

This is  more of a Jesus goes into hell to  become a worm idea like Word of Faith- too simplistic.

Neo’s confusion

Christ was divine and human Neo is more human.Christ knew his mission,how to accomplish it and was in complerte control of it.

He has no idea of his mission and is in a perpetual state of confusion since he has only talked to the Architect (the machine’s designer) not HIS designer.


I vote for her being a Mary Magdalene type who gave up her demons to follow truth

Becomes very mannish /androgynous as trilogy progresses

The Kid

John maybe?

Obeisance to youth culture

The Cypher/ Neo fight

Genesis 3: 16-17 prophecy Neo is blinded, Cypher is beheaded.Most see  Cypher as Judas

Bite the heel crush the head is the actual reference follows better than  a simple Judas figure

Machine city


Created place where humans are powersouce- all the power used against the Messiah is human generated


God given not man centered

The  most exalted concept



Smith takes on attributes of all he assimilates. Quotes sati and the Oracle

This is not the first time Neo and Smith have this encounter. Should have known better. The first time it was Smith’s entry into  what was possible for him.

Final scene

Sati makes a sunset, Oracle apppears in the place where Neo was standing

Reference to the Holy Spirit being left in Christ’s place and power in  the Spirit’s presence?



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