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November 7, 2005 We're on our way!

Another Godstory


With closing at 4PM on Monday the 7th, the furnace folks showed up at 11 to do a 4 hour replacement of the furnace that I began scheduling on October 24. At ten till 4, I received the "paid" receipt and was on my way to closing. This was yet another faithbuilding exercise it seems. Why should today be any different?

Jerry and Larry at Smoky Bones seeing us off...

Pat and Paulita were there too...


What a crazy week- Monday was spent finalizing all the details for closing


We got the truck at 7 AM and the movers showed up to load. By 11:00 I sent them home as the packing was unimpressive-


The movers are back with their truck to load to go to storage. We are loading until 11 PM with the help of friends and neighbors. Thanks, Alecia, Diana, Leia, and best friends Jerry and Paulita of course!


On the road a 6:30 Central Time and off to Indy, where the movers on that end are there when we arrived at 12:45 Eastern Time. We're unloaded by 5 PM!


Organize, organize, organize! We made great headway...


Things are coming together but won't have phone service until Tuesday and DSL until Friday next...


Worshipped at Northside Baptist Church, Dr. Mark Hearn preached a good sermon and we enjoyed a special Disciple Now Sunday... then we crashed!

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