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October 31, 2005 An open letter to my colleagues at the college:

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to all of my colleagues here at Flo Valley. After nine years with the district, I am moving on to a great opportunity for myself and my family at McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions in Indianapolis. I will be a Senior Product Manager there starting November 1. It will be challenging work, but an opportunity that will leverage the experience I have gained while here, plus some of the skill sets from former positions I have held.

As many of you know the past two years have been a challenge,  with my responsibilities for aging parents increasing. This  situation helps in that regard, putting about two hours away from my Mom. I am also working toward a PhD in Education at Southern Seminary in Louisville, and so I will be much closer to that venue as well.

If things go as planned, I will still be teaching an online course for the district in the Spring,  so my email address at the college will (hopefully) persist.

My best wishes for success and  blessings to all of you!  I'll always look upon my time here with pride and fond memories.

Regards to all,

Part of the group that met at Malone's to see me off! L to R: Kim, Earnie, Donna, Me, Diana, Anne, Mary. Not shown: Bob, Len, Herb, Peggy, "T", George, Mike, Sandy.

Monday through Wednesday was spent  finalizing  all the small things I could muster at work.

The house inpection turned up a serious problem with the furnace- it is giving up the ghost, so I called the home warranty folks. At  this writing it is still not fixed. They did rule on it yesterday though- it will be replace with me picking up the tab for "modifications" to accommodae the smaller size of the newer units- to the tune of 500.00 plus. I'm just glad they are covering the unit. hopefully it will be installed Monday, and the weather moderated a bit- it is not going to be as cold as it has been for the past few nights.

I have to get an electrician to look at the wiring in the box as well, and fix another couple of things myself.

Here's our new digs in Indy...

Earnie left yesterday to take care of Ma Smith for a week or so.  Then the plan is for them to return on or about the 4th. So I am alone this week.

As of this afternoon we have a contract on the house finalized. Closing is November 7, as planned. Great news- but I am too tired to get worked up at this point. I had myself a good stress relieving cry today.

AnthonyFoster.com is alive and I moved the blog here yesterday, so now I can dump Charter and also delete much of what was left on the SLCC site. I get to keep the directory at the college plus my email address since I am  teaching a course online in the Spring for  the Forest Park Campus.

I see I am rambling! Sorry. I'd better sign off.

More form the gettin' gone party...

Southwestern-Chinese food ordered in for dinner..mmm...

Chinese food ordered in for lunch..mmm...

Dwayne works the desk in the evening...

Earnie joined us for the party...

Ever Present

You show your mighty majesty
We delight in your displays
Rejoicing in your righteous works
We wonder at your ways.
You who are everywhere-inhabit every space
You fill up all of time- You sanctify each place
You transcend this world and yet you are so near
You are ever present-Your purposes are clear
You never change your glory remains
And yet you relate to all you create.
Oh beginning and end
All things you transcend
Why you chose to condescend
We cannot comprehend.
To be our God and King
You receive our offering
Of your great glory now we sing
Our saviour Lord and King

October 31, 2005
Anthony Foster


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