October 27, 2003 Fruit is for Nourishment

Enjoying the Fruit of a Godly Habit -1 Chronicles 16:11

While Christians often have difficult decisions to make about how they live their lives, there are some aspects of the Christian life that are
distinctly clear. One such aspect is our need to spend time with God in
prayer, and it is taught clearly and lucidly in the Bible.

Such godly men as David and Paul testified concerning the peace and
fulfillment they found in a continuing habit of prayer. In 1 Chronicles
16:11, David told us to seek the Lord and His strength and to do it
forevermore. A similar truth is recorded in 1 Thessalonians 5:17: “Pray
without ceasing.”

Most of us, however, don’t have that kind of prayer habit. The national average for prayer is still under five minutes a day! And I don’t think this average will increase until Christian men make some definite decisions. We won’t enjoy the fruit of prayer until we make real plans to pray regularly.

You can start by setting aside a definite time and place to pray. Write
a personal prayer list. Choose a book of the bible to read through, and
make it the guide for your prayer time. If necessary, turn off the
telephone and the television for a few minutes, and let this be God’s
time. The habit will grow, and it will bring you joy!

“Taken from God’s Man © 2000 by Don M. Aycock. Published by Kregel
Publications, Grand Rapids, MI. Used by permission of the publisher. All
rights reserved.”

October 29, 2003 And now a word from our Tozer

The Spirit tells us to throw off everything that would hinder us in the race. He tells us to be aware of the little sins and errors that could divert us from the will of God as we run. But here is the important thing: He tells us to keep our eyes on Jesus, because He alone is our pacesetter and victorious example. Jesus, Author of our Faith, 75-76.

October 30, 2003 Impressions

Next time you want to impress someone try this.. or maybe not... Two police officers on routine patrol in a New South Wales, Australia, park saw a man on top of a block of toilets set himself on fire, climb onto a bicycle, and then jump the bike toward a pile of mattresses. He missed.

The officers rushed over to find the unnamed 39-year-old suffering from burns and broken bones -- and still on fire. They dumped a garbage bin full of water on the man and got him to a hospital, where he is in serious condition. Police noted there were quite a few spectators for the stunt. (Australian AP)

Next time you want to impress someone remember this. A study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information says the conventional wisdom that women live longer than men because they have superior genes is wrong. They say men have shorter life spans because they take more risks, have more bad habits, and smoke more. "If you could stop accidents and smoking-related diseases and things like that in men, in fact the life expectancy's exactly the same," says Donna Stewart, the study's co-author. (Canadian Press)

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