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October 23, 2006-We led worship at Gracepointe this week again and did a more blended lineup. I noticed the older folks didn't participate as much as last week when we did mostly upbeat and contemporized hymns.

  • Welcome
    Praise Adonai/ Days of Elijah- Praise Band, Worship Team
  • Greet and Meet
    Lamentations 3 meditation
    Great is Thy Faithfulness/ How Great is Our God-Praise Band, Worship Team
  • Wonderful Merciful Savior- Anthony and Earnie
  • Sermon
  • Benediction-How Great is our God (chorus)Praise Band, Worship Team

Building community on the web- is it possible? If you are serious, here are sme resources to consider:




Holy Blood

Your Holy Blood can wash away our sin
Your Holy Blood can cleanse us deep within.
Your Holy blood was shed
It's for sinners you have bled.
Redeem us Lord so New Life can begin!

Your Holy Blood can wash and make us clean
Your Holy Blood can show us what sacrifice means
By the Blood it all was done
By Your Blood we overcome
Yours is the only blood that can redeem!

Holy Blood flowed from your side
Atonement founded on a cross
The cross where you died
You were bound at such a cost.
The nails that pierced your feet and hands
And the thorns that pierced Your brow
We sacrificed God's Holy Lamb
But now before Him we all bow!

Holy Blood flowed from your veins
Like a flood it still attains
For you said that it was finished
So it's over and its done!
The power of the blood is found
In the suffering of God's most Holy son!

Anthony Foster
October 25, 2006

MySpace, ByeSpace?

Some Users Renounce Social Sites as Too Big

Networking Web sites like MySpace.com and Facebook.com have helped link millions of "friends". But now they have a new enemy: countercultural thinkers who think the sites are just too big and inauthentic... hmmm...

Blessed are those who realize
That without God man only dies
Blessed are the spiritually poor
Blessed are them who are heaven laden,
God has promised to ease their burden
Blessed are those who call upon the Lord.
Blessed are the meek, the poor,
Know the Lord's mercy is sure-
They shall receive what God has promised
Blessed are those whose great desire's
To do just what the Lord requires
They shall receive what God has promised
Blessed are those who make the peace
For in God's will they will increase
They shall be called God's sons.
Blessed are those who feel others pain
And go to the Lord when the hurt remains
Blessed for the victiory is won.
Blessed are those whose faith endures
It shall make them safe, secure
Blessed are the merciful
Mercy glorifies His name
And now his mercy you'll obtain-
The hungry and the thirsty shall be full
Blessed are ye when men revile you
In his name you'll be reconciled
Blessed and great is your reward
Blessed when they persecute you
Even if they execute you
Blessed are those who call upon the Lord!
Matthew 5
Anthony Foster 1975
An early attempt to write from scripture. The sermon on the mount has always fascinated me in its detail and straighforwardness.


Survey of former churchgoers recaps the reasons they left...and here is what Brad Waggoner is up to these days (besides grading Theology and Leadership papers from this past term...)

Who Are You?

Here's a link to one of the hottest personality type indicators on the web... are you a reformer, a helper, an achiever, an individualist, an investigator, loylist, enthusiast, or challenger? I supose if you are one of the "challengers", you won't buy into the possibility of quantifying complex human attributes into a neat little package, eh? Is this the new palmistry for today?

Baptizing the Imagination

True spiritual formation requires more than Bible knowledge and skills.What's the most emaciated aspect of people's spiritual lives??-their imaginations.

Fernando Ortega

Review of The Shadow of Your Wings: Hymns and Sacred Songs (Curb/Warner). I appreciate the fact that Ortega has done perhaps more than any popular artist to expose a generation of Christians to all but lost hymns. His artistry has been enhanced, in my opinion, by his embracing of ancient texts and tunes, the likes of which are just not being written today.


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