October 20, 2003The Affections (from Torrey's Topical Textbook)
    Should be supremely set upon God  De 6:3; Mr 12:30.
    Should be set

    Should be zealously engaged for God  Ps 69:9; 119:139; Ga 4:18.
    Christ claims the first place in  Mt 10:37; Lu 14:26.
    Enkindled by communion with Christ  Lu 24:32.
    Blessedness of making God the object of  Ps 91:14.
    Should not grow cold  Ps 106:12,13; Mt 24:12; Ga 4:15; Re 2:4.
    Of saints, supremely set on God  Ps 42:1; 73:25; 119:10.
    Of the wicked, not sincerely set on God  Isa 58:1,2; Eze 33:31,32; Lu 8:13.
    Carnal affections should be mortified  Ro 8:13; 13:14; 1Co 9:27; Col 3:5; 1Th 4:5.
    Carnal affections crucified in saints  Ro 6:6; Ga 5:24.
    False teachers seek to captivate  Ga 1:10; 4:17; 2Ti 3:6; 2Pe 2:3,18; Re 2:14,20.
    Of the wicked, are unnatural and perverted  Ro 1:31; 2Ti 3:3; 2Pe 2:10.


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    October 23, 2003 Pray for the Persecuted

    In Worldıs Largest Muslim Nation, Christians See the Writing on the Wall

    The Bali bombings and the August 5 bombing of the Marriott hotel in Jakarta highlight radical Islamıs tightening grip on Indonesia. Less visible, however, is the daily terror directed at the Christian minority in the worldıs largest Muslim nation. As next yearıs first direct elections of president and vice-president approaches, Christians worry that this underreported violence will only escalate. This country of 234 million people has an 88 percent Muslim population, and continues to be a hostile environment for the 7 percent who are Christian, or for the smaller numbers of with Hindus, Buddhists and others.

    Visit the Christian Freedom International website to see their latest report on Christian persecution in Indonesia:

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