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September 29, 2004 Early Fall is a great time to get away!

And that's just what we did for our 27th anniversary. This was the first true vacation time we have had in recent memory, so the biggest highlight was just enjoying each other. It was tough coming back to work today!
We went to the Truman Presidential Library, which was very well done. I was surprised how honest they were about Truman's alliances with corrupt political bosses. It really showed him as a small time political puppet who was thrown into world affairs and rose to the occasion (though this is still debated today). the gravesite was in full autumn splendor with the mums out in force.
We enjoyed having a meal at the American Restaurant which was rated one of the top five restaurants in the US by Esquire and touted by the KC Star as KC's most romantic restaurant. I recommend the Pan Seared Pacific Halibut with heirloom tomato carpaccio, eggplant and tarragon-chive oil!

We went to the Hallmark Crown Center Museum which showed the processes the artists go through in the creation of Hallmark products. Here I am with Maxine. 

Then we went to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and toured a wonderful Henry Moore Sculpture Garden on a mild day and dined at the museum portico with a backdrop of jazz stylings. This is a great museum and I have looked forward to viviting it for years.

We also saw another quilt show at the Crown Center, but most of the work was machine quilted.

I was impressed with the quality of service at all the places we went and the cordial treatment we got. It made me realize how much of a difference it makes that St. Louis is a northern city and KC is midwestern.

Here is a weird little water puddle in the form of the state of Kentucky.

I watched with interest the second installment of The Question of God on PBS while in KC. I checked and was chagrined to find that the local PBS and the one in Louisville opted not to show either episode, so it was serendipitous that I caught part 2 on the Kansas City affiliate. It is not on the schedule for the future either.

I thought it was fair overall in spite of the fact that Lewis was not well represented on the discussion forum. I think they probably thought they were offering the Christian counterpoint by including a couple of the participants but that just goes to show how clueless PBS is.

There was no one there to provide an apologetic for the Book of Job and the oriental Harvard Prof who was tugging at his hair declaring he was angry is not much better off than the Skeptic in the final analysis. When he did offer up a challenge he never followed through to defend his assertions- for instance, when he brought up the aspect of the ramifications and implausibility of the concept of "no absolute truth".  

I see the value of playing the questions and discussion in a Christian classroom context to teach students how to appproach common objections to the Christian faith, pausing the video and inviting discussion of the flawed logic and premises. I expect I will do this at some point.

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