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September 13, 2004 Big Weekend Report

We had a big weekend. Earnie had spent the day on Friday in St. Charles. We enjoyed living there for a year or so when we first moved to the St. Louis region but didn't like the congestion. And when we lived there, the Foundry Art Centre didn't exist- this is a great space for art. lots of natural light and expansive spaces.

It is a great place for a studio as well- Earnie got to talk to several of the artists that were there on Friday but they must have been at the St. Louis Art Fair Saturday when I showed up.

Activities in Historic St. Charles the weekend of Sept. 11 were focused on traditions, music and pageantry that are rooted in American history.

The show was put on by quilters, Civil War era re-enactors and bluegrass bands.

The quilt show featured hundreds of handmade quilts, which were hung from windows, balconies and in alleys. We entered a dozen or so raffles so we will be quite cozy when we win them all.

Only saw a couple of things (and they were done in the thirties) that rivalled the stitchery of Ma Smith. Most had 4- 8 stitches per inch. She says a great quilter will get 18 stitches to the inch- she only gets 14 herself so you can see she has pretty high standards that she herself cannot keep up with at age 93.

There was a Civil War encampment re-enactment on the banks of the Missouri river as well.

Here is Earnie with the quiltmobile. Wouldn't want to take that sucker down I-370 at 55 mph.
Saw this cute puppy that decided to roll-over down a 45 degree incline. Then he did it again, and again until he got to the bottom of the hill. And the crowd literally cheered while he cratched his back and soaked up the sun. We should all be so blessed.
We went to a couple of music stores and then ended up with some frioends at the GreekFest in Belleville. It was a clear 84 degree day and a bit of a breeze- my favorite time of year.
I had a gyros and spinach pie. And OK- the important stuff- here are the treats- galatabouriko, kadaifi, baklava, and something the lady who was manning the booth could not identify- sort of a honey-nut- cinnamon cookie. Earnie had sort of a Greek version of lasagne- Pastitso. Here's a recipe.
We had dancers of all ages and Earnie opted not to join in this year- I know her leg is hurting if she is not up for dancing. The music is very festive and the only male involved was about 7 years old.
Here are band members warming up on the clarinet and bazooki (rhymes with Paduky).
When we got home we realized our local GlenFest was happening as well. We got to see the firworks from our small front porch. By then the air was much cooler and Earnie got eaten by mosquitoes.
By the way the Sunflowers are still in full bloom- nice to wake up to on Sunday morning.

We got over the first hurdle last night at church- we were affirmed and recommended by the church to attend seminary. So I will go the the next step - I will be sending out the recommendation forms and getting the transcripts ordered this week. I had been thinking about it all day and when the chance came to share my vision with the church, nothing memorable came out. Kinda anticlimactic. Pastor Mike (executive pastor) told me this was no big deal but I was nervous anyway.

I note that Piper recommends Southern Seminary and RTS as best seminaries to go to. RTS gets the thumbs up on online offerings.

The Weeping Room

"Although it hardly sounded like a room I wanted to be in, there was a cry in my heart that said that if that is where the Lord spends His time, then that is where I want to go. I asked Him if I could go down there with Him, and He responded ³Very few will choose to go down there, it's not extravagant like this room, it's lonely, it's not comfortable, and you have to get very low to fit through the door.² I told Him that I didn't care what the conditions would be like; I just really wanted to be wherever He was."

I'm not sure this is an accurate picture though I agree with the sentiments involved.

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