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August 6, 2004 200K milestone

At 11:39 AM on my lunch break yesterday the old Saturn (1993 SL2) passed the 200 thousand mark on the odometer. This is the first car I have ever owned that ever pressed on to THAT mark.

On my last trip to Kentucky the little jewel averaged 36 miles per gallon on the road...not bad at all. The only major work (read: $300.00 or more) I have ever had to do on it was to replace the motor mounts at about 120k. I'll keep it as long as it keeps running as well as it does.

August 4, 2004 Back in the saddle Again

Had a couple of days to visit the Moms and get caught up. Met some folks at UK that I really gee'd with too. Not sure the position is the right one for me though. It is out of my hands now, which is good.

I am anticipating my odometer on my Saturn rolling over to 200k later today- It doesn't take much for me to have an excuse to celebrate!...

I will drive to Paducah on Friday evening to meet up with Earnie, do some painting and then Ma Smith will come to visit for a couple of weeks. Unbelieveable that the semester is about to begin...

From News of the Weird archives -Why Art may just be a lost cause...

From time to time News of the Weird has reported on the fluctuating value of the late Italian artist Piero Manzoni's personal feces, which he canned in 1961, 30 grams at a time in 90 tins, as art objects (though, over the years, 45 have reportedly exploded). Their price to collectors has varied from about $28,000 for a tin in 1998 to $75,000 in 1993. In June 2002, the Tate Gallery in London excitedly announced it had purchased tin number 004 for about $38,000. (The price of 30 grams of gold at that time was a little over $300.) [Sydney Morning Herald, 7-1-02]

August 3, 2004 Who's Who in Iraq

The Iraqi Governing Council and the Coalition Provisional Authority have of course been dissolved to make way for Iraq's Interim Government. These are the links :

Interim Iraqi Government

Who is who in Iraq

MO School Settles Suit, Scraps Ten Commandments

A woman has accepted a settlement in her federal lawsuit challenging the display of a plaque featuring the Ten Commandments in a Missouri school cafeteria. The Humansville School District has agreed to pay Carrie Roat $45,000, refrain from displaying religious symbols and prevent school officials from leading students in prayer.

Roat claimed in her suit that the plaque on the cafeteria wall where high school and junior high students eat violated separation of church and state. She also said it served as "an unambiguous symbol of Christianity and of the Christian faith and belief." Roat also claimed that a policy at the high school and junior high allowed prayers to be said on various occasions, such as Veterans Day assemblies, as well as before athletic banquets.

Liberal Group Warns Pastors to Remain Silent about Politics

Agape Press

Barry Lynn's organization, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, is taking aim at ministers and priests who voice any political opinions or views from the pulpit. North Carolina Representative Walter Jones says Lynn is out to stifle free speech in churches throughout the land. "I can honestly tell you that he's already filed a complaint against the Catholic Bishop in Colorado Springs, Bishop Sheridan, simply because the bishop wrote a three-page pastorial [sic] letter to every Catholic in his diocese, reminding them that they should look carefully at pro-life candidates. He never said the word Bush, he never used the word Kerry. What he did was use the word pro-life." Lynn is trying to use a law that could cause churches to lose their tax-exempt status if found guilty of uttering political speech. However, Jones says Catholic clergy and other religious leaders have the right to voice their views under the First Amendment. The Congressman has a bill before the House that would allow churches to engage in free speech without fear of negative legal consequences.

From Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary: strength of God

Twenty-plus different names reflect this derivation.

1. Amaziah, the strength of the Lord
2. Azaziah, strength of the Lord
3. Chenaniah, preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the Lord
4. Coniah, strength of the Lord
5. Elizur, God is my strength;
6. Eluzai, God is my strength
7. Ezekiel, the strength of God
8. Gabriel, God is my strength
9. Hezekiah- whom God has strengthened
10. Hizkijah, the strength of the Lord

11. Jaaziah, Jaaziel, the strength of the Lord
12. Jasiel, the strength of God
13. Jazeel, strength of God
14. Jehezekel, strength of God
15. Jehiskiah, the strength, or taking, of the Lord
16. Jehoiachin, preparation, or strength, of the Lord
17. Maasiai, the defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord
18. Ozias, strength from the Lord
19. Uzziah, Uzziel, the strength, or kid, of the Lord
20. Zuriel, rock or strength of God

Outline for a recent class:2 Kings 14:1-15:38 The Cost of Conformity

I. Background

a. Amaziah/Jereboam (14:1-29)
b. Azariah(Uzziah)/Zechariah (15:1-12)
c. Shallum/Menahem/Pekahiah(15:13-26)
d. Pekah/Jotham(15:27-38)

II. Count-down to destruction: Amaziah of Judah versus Jehoash of Israel- too much testosterone?2 Kings 14:3-14

a. V. 3-4 the down fall-Amaziah winked at idol worship
b. V. 8 the showdown-Amaziah’s vengeance led to a prideful challenge
c. V. 9 the put down:Jehoash taunts Amaziah
d. V. 10 the dressing–down- Jehoash chastens Amaziah
e. V. 11 the stare down- the enemies face-off
f. V 12 the take down -Amaziah defeated
g. V. 13 the breakdown-the Holy City’s wall breached
h. V. 14 the shakedown- the city plundered and hostages taken

III. Sinful Ambition Dumps Dynastic Succession or Those who Live by the Sword get stuck in the End-2 Kings 15:10, 13-14, 16-31

a. V. 10 Shallum’s Shake-up
b. V. 13-14 Shallum’s Send-up
c. 16-22 Menahem’s Rip-up and Pay-up
d. v. 23-24 Pekahiah’s Crack-up
e. v. 25-26 Pekah’s Blow-up
f. v. 27-31 Hoshea and Israels’ Wrap-up


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