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July 26, 2004 Hulkomaniacs Rejoice?

Word has it on the street that Hulk Hogan will be doing a Reality TV show with his 16 year old daughter called Stage Dad. I still recall the time Hulk teamed up with Mr T. to rescue those kids on the A- Team. Doncha love it when a plan comes together?

Check out this Narnia site, Thanks to Larry for the heads up...This article about the actors is a good one and you can even vote on who you think was the best casting job...

Hozilla or Hogwash?

Check out the story of a 1000 pound wild hog that no one can seem to prove existed. Seems like it would not be so hard...But then gain my brother once caught the biggest Buffalo fish on record and never got credit because it was taken away and eaten by wild animals before he had it officially weighed. The pictures still exist...

This little piggy shoulda stayed home...

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