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July 19, 2004 Paraphrasing the Word of God

Here's a neat article that is in keeping with our present theme language and the language of Christian formation by Eugene Peterson, who has a bit of experience in the genre: "In Other Words: How to Paraphrase Godıs Word for Yourself and Others"

InsensitiveArnold? ...you don't say...

Disney has struck a deal with Christian billionaire Philip Anschutz to bankroll the upcoming Narnia series. Andrew Adamson, who directed "Shrek," will begin filming this summer. Walt Disney Pictures expects a Christmas 2005 release and will retain the option to release future films in the series.

AF:Lots more news:

I talked to my pastor last night to try to set up a meeting about the possibility of enrolling in Southern Seminary's online program. He is heading out on vacation today and Earnie will be leaving for her shift in Paducah before he returns. So I get to exercise patience :-)

James 1:3 "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." And it's the hardest work I am involved in...

If it works out, Earnie and I BOTH would be pursuing degrees. We have long wanted to see our work lives converge- we are much more together than the sum of our parts. It is extremely affordable -since we have been in SBC churches for over five years now, we'll get the preferred rate. We want to see if there is a possibility of some support from the church or perhaps a place for part time ministry for Earnie while we attend. I intend to work full time , continuing here at SLCC for now while we attempt the first thirty hours or so. At some point (like when I land a job) we hope to transition to within 50 miles of Louisville to finish up.

Earnie will be attending the St. Louis venue of the 2004 "Women of Faith" Conference Friday and Saturday.

She relishes these national conferences as they provide a source of sustinence not available at the local level. A women's retreat from our church that was planned for this week was cancelled so we were glad to find this available.

On more terrestrial matters, our lawn has been invaded by moles and Japanese beetles. I have Grubexed, treated the lawn and flowers with other chemicals, used mole traps and poison peanuts this season to little avail. Maybe I need professional help.

We attended the wedding of our friends' daughter this weekend in Paducah. I was encouraged by the spiritual depth of the ceremony and that was a boon after last week's defeat of the amendment to protect marriage. The biggest thing we can do as Christians is to protect the sanctity of marriage ourselves. According to data, we have not done so well on that front. I have often seen disparaging notes on this but I have never seen the breakdown on the numbers related to whether divorce is just as high for Christians if you consider whether the divorce occurred before or after conversion.

While we were there, Earnie also got to spend some time with an adopted niece who she considers to be a sister (only two years difference in age). Linda lived at Earnie's home for several years before Frances and Ron adopted her upon Ron's graduation from college. Linda came in from Conroe, Texas to visit with Ma Smith and Frances.


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