July 3- Our trip to Phoenix and Dallas

Though it was last week, I am now just getting to blog about our time with our friends in Dallas...We started out with a cancelled flight since nothing was flying out of dallas- zilch! We were rerouted to Pittsburg but could not fly out until a few hours later.,. We went to breakfast and shopped a bit nd then flew off to Pittsburgh where we had another flight delay and airport closure!

We enjoyed the Pittsburgh Skymall- that was our first trip though that airport. Once we hasd a break in the weather we were off to Phoenix. The amazing thing was the cloud cover all the way there- it was eerily - other worldly, with massive billows and no sign of land for the entirety of the trip. Upon our descent to Phoenix, we came into blue skies and not a sign of clouds anywhere!

The Phoenician was a beautiful resort. I spent the day training new employees on Thursday and finished all I had to offer it went so well.

My coworkers suggested I relax on Friday since I could not get a flight out on Fiday evening. We took a day trip to Sedona and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. we had a box lunch on an unguarded cliff overlooking the Colorado River. It was quite awesome, and I am glad we lingered there as I didn't enjoy the tourist portion of the visit at the location of the lodge.

On Saturday we were waiign for our reservations for a tea and heard of the bombing at Glasgow airport. we decided to go on to the airport in case security was tight. there was no delay and we got though security quickly. the flight was delayed and then we had a time finding our bags on our arrival in Dallas. Our dear friends were there beside us so it was OK.

On Sunday the Gotts picked us up and we headed off for church at Park Cities Presbyterian Church. where we heard some wonderfully worshipful music and a message on servant leadership that coincided with my studies.
Then we headed off to New Covenant to hear their new pastor and see some of our old friends who are still there. Many have gone on to be with the Lord, but i was glad for the reunion!

Our friends then took us out to eat Chinese and then for a tour of the many changes in our old neighborhood and downtown...


more to come

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