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June 20, 2005 Human Speech Synthesis factoid

The first attempts to produce human speech by machine were made in 1773 when Russian Professor Christian Kratzenstein succeeded in producing vowels using resonance tubes connected to organ pipes.

Sith sense?

Believe it or not, Darth Vader got me--TWICE!  I was thinking "pudding" of all things, and he figured it out.  Give it a try if you're in the mood for mindless entertainment.

Bible Illiteracy in America

The Weekly Standard by David Gelernter.

A report just issued by the Bible Literacy Project suggests that young Americans know very little about the Bible. The report is important, but first things first: A fair number of Americans don't see why teenagers should know anything at all about the Bible.

Seventy-two percent of students in the survey could answer correctly that Moses "led the Israelites out of bondage," and 90 percent realized that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman in Genesis. But 8 percent of teens "believe that Moses is one of the twelve Apostles," Gelernter stated. Aside from such basic questions, the Bible Literacy Project reported that "very few American students" have the level of Bible knowledge that high school English teachers regard as "basic to a good education."

Music artists to perform on LifeWay stages at SBC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--The Music City won't miss a beat during the Southern Baptist Convention.

From June 20-22, messengers and guests at the SBC annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., will have the opportunity to hear a variety of Christian music artists performing live, both in the exhibit hall and at an outdoor festival stage area.

Very sorry to hear

Adrian Rogers has cancer. Pray for him tonight as he preaches at the SBC Pastor's conference. Quote "I expect to continue to do my full work and continue with the [Love Worth Finding] radio-television ministry and the pastor training ministry and teaching at Mid-America Seminary [in Memphis]."

A generous unorthodoxy...

Al Mohler's take on Brian McLaren's newest...

"This author's purpose is transparent and consistent. Embracing the worldview of the postmodern age, he embraces relativism at the cost of clarity in matters of truth and intends to redefine Christianity for this new age, largely in terms of an eccentric mixture of elements he would take from virtually every theological position and variant."

"The Emergent movement represents a significant challenge to biblical Christianity. Unwilling to affirm that the Bible contains propositional truths that form the framework for Christian belief, this movement argues that we can have Christian symbolism and substance without those thorny questions of truthfulness that have so vexed the modern mind. The worldview of postmodernism--complete with an epistemology that denies the possibility of or need for propositional truth--affords the movement an opportunity to hop, skip and jump throughout the Bible and the history of Christian thought in order to take whatever pieces they want from one theology and attach them, like doctrinal post-it notes, to whatever picture they would want to draw."


Jordon Cooper comments on Al Mohler's take on public schools from the Emergent POV:

"Personally I would hate to live in that much fear of what I don't agree with as Mohler does and have so little faith in the redemptive potential of being a part of your community."

And what the following have to do with Jesus, I dunno.

"A few years ago, Case Western Reserve University religion professor Timothy Beal piled his family into a motor home and hit the highway on a tour of religious attractions in the American South. Beal documents his journey in a new book, Roadside Religion."

See Roadside religion

Talk of the Nation, June 20, 2005 Evangelical leaders on the political right and left discuss the politicization of their beliefs and the future of their movement.

More esoterica

The number of the Beast.

Jesus of the Week is still up to no good.

Noah's Ark is still being rebuilt by Pastor Greene.

Kinder , simpler entertainment from those thrilling days of yesteryear...

A cool ebook. Check out
Project Gutenberg's Hand Shadows To Be Thrown Upon The Wall, by Henry Bursill. This copy is at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Word on the (Wall) Street is that Google is preparing to introduce an electronic payment system similar to PayPal later this year.

Good news! The Ministry of Silly Names has just knighted me Lady Evan Pugh Snr.- Get your own knighthood at JohnCleese.com

Amazing flying puppies.

Worth 1000 has a new gallery of Photoshopped hybrids of plants and animals.

And no, I'm not keeping up with your blog.

Eerie resemblances

Separated at birth?

Mr. Six and Killen?

Did anyone else notice?


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