June 11, 2007 Losing, Regaining, and Retaining objectivity

I note that "objectivity" has a variety of definitions. Most of them refer in some way to the ability to align one's mind with external realities. Romans 6 holds some principles for dealing with sin and I think it particularly parallels what we should do in the case of a loss of objectivity.

1. Reckon reality (Romans 6:11) To reckon or consider- logizomai- is an accounting term. As I focus on the facts of God's objective reality, and reckon something to be true, it demands a logical and emotional response. I need to do an internal audit as well as an external one. The best case is to have an external auditor who can offer objectivity (see below).

2. Reject the reign of the false (Romans 6:12) When we rationalize, we turn inwards to look for authority.

3. Render yourself as a righteous instrument (Romans 6:13)- we cannot just stop at rejecting the false we have to actively pursue what is right.

Some other principles:
Refocus our attention on the proper objective in repentance
Reference a different perspective
Reclaim your mind through meditation
Receive and regard wise counsel (as with David's relationship with Nathan the prophet)

We can gain much from the wounds of a faithful friend. This can also attain in a leadership role by empowering our fellow workers to practice kind honesty. If we surround ourselves with yes men and women we will never be able to see an alternate perspective. In my case, my best friend is my wife. She speaks the truth in love to me and helps me reckon reality on a regular basis. When emotions try to rule, she patiently guides me to truth and helps me see error. This is sometimes a very humbling and even painful experience, but love tempers the pain and makes it possible to see the light.

Anthony Foster - Jun 6, 2007 2:17 pm (18.10.1)

Midian experiences and objectivity

I've had one. In the end it was tremendous grace to me but it did not seem to be so at the time. In the end I had a newfound objectivity. I think it was Tozer who said that God cannot use any person greatly until he has been bruised deeply. I know not everyone agrees with that. What do y'all think?

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