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May 31, 2004

Well said From Lloyd Reiber-" I am an Instructional Technologist"

* I help people learn new things.
* I solve problems in education and training, or find people who can.
* I use lots of different tools in my job; some are 'things' like computers and video, other tools are ideas, like knowing something about how people learn and principles of design.
* I know a lot about these tools, but I know I have to use them competently and creatively for the task at hand before they will work.
* I consider using all of the resources available to me, though sometimes I have to go and find additional resources.
* I am most interested in helping children, but many of my colleagues work with adults.
* I resist doing things only because "we've always done it that way," but I'm also careful not to fall for fads or gimmicks.
* I always try to take the point of view of the person who is going to be using the stuff I make while I'm making it; that's really hard, so I get people to try out my stuff as soon as I can to see what I am doing wrong.
* I'm not afraid to say, "Yes, that's a better way to do it."

Not much chance to blog this week!

Unto the righteousness of Christ I’ll ever cast my eye…
For by that righteousnes I’ll live and in it I shall die.

On His Righteousness I rest till Jesus I shall meet.
And in that righteousness appear before the judgment seat.

In Christ’s righteousness I stand forsaking all the rest
Till I stand forever in the presence of His Righteousness.

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