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May 25, 2005 We're baack!

I went for an interview with Humana on Monday. I am grateful for the opportunity but it's not the job for me. Ask me and I'll tell you about it. We had a good time with my Mom and got some things done around her place she has been putting off for a while. The best thing about road trips are the time we have to more deeply connect and ponder what God has for us.

I have had a career that was based on trying to achieve balance- based upon the notion that I needed to stay true to the person God made me to be, balanced with the faith to reach for things that were at the onset beyond my ability. We struggled financially for years with my vocational choices, but never took a position based primarily on financial concerns. Control over time and freedom to operate as a Christian were primary concerns: the time control aspect is important again with a priority being the ability to accommodate the PhD work as well.

My friend reminds me that it "Sounds like it might be easy for you to get on your horse and ride off in all directions at once." A heads up I will do well to take notice of...thanks indeed are due for such a friend.

We went by the seminary to take care of some business and to drop off some material and clothes for the clothes closet and saw Dave, our original tour guide the first time we were on campus. He is working on his ThM now and as internet students, it was really good to see someone who knew us. Being known is important, not for self aggrandizement but to make you remember you are not alone and are a part of something bigger than yourself that you can believe in while sojourning this earth. I have direly needed that in my life and church has not always provided it.

A Good Report!

Earnie's ordeal of a few weeks back is fading and its effects are noticeably diminishing. She was a tremendous help to me on this trip. When I phoned to let her know what was up, she told me to read the note she had placed in my jacket pocket:

Psalm 37:23 -24 If the LORD delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.

In fact that whole Psalm gives perspective.

My poor girl is suffering from a bad case of poison ivy from weeding her flowers- the Doc will work her in tomorrow for a shot of serum that is supposed to help.


In the midst of our first semester at seminary one very important thing has come to light. It is an answer to the cry of my heart, actually, that my learning has not been solely of the head variety. I am glad to report that by God's grace, my devotional life has deepened in the process as well and is perhaps bearing better fruit than the academic aspects of seminary have, even with a good grade to show for it.

The Lord has sent eighty five songs my way so far this year as I meditated upon the scriptures surrounding my studies in my meditation time and from my discussion times with Earnie about what we've been studying. Curiously, that is at a pace that belies the ability to record them in a quality manner and put them out as an mp3 to share.

Yet I am no longer afraid of declaring the worth of God through them as if that would somehow take away from my adoration of Him. in fact I know he does not just want me to know him but to declare Him as well, so they shall eventually be made public, God willing...

These songs are my journal of my spiritual walk. I can trace my walk back to 1974 by looking at what was written along the way and that elicits praise. They stand quite apart from all the original lessons I have prepared that fill my file cabinets. Though that is a great resource I have been given, the songs and poems are more intimate by far.

And check out this cool sculpture by M. J. Anderson

So whatever you do and however you choose to approach it, I commend spiritual journalling to you. It can be in the form of prose or poetry, of events or ponderings and musings. It may take visual form as in a sketchbook or in a calendar or stories. Express and record your love for Christ. It can form the basis of a lifelong proof to you that God has been there every step of the way and his mercies are everlasting- they are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. Great should also be our gratefulness and satisfaction in Him.

I have always been struck that that verse comes in the midst of the darkest portion of scripture- the Lamentations of Jeremiah.

look at this great glossary of signs I found for signing in worship services...

Podcasting update

ABC News and NBC News announced plans to offer podcasts, the rapidly growing mobile technology. ABC News launched its podcast through its website, ABCNews.com, offering a combination of original and recycled content. NBC News' podcasts will be available in June on MSNBC.com .

Stem Cells in the news

After impassioned debate, the House passed a controversial bill Tuesday that would expand public funding for embryonic stem cell research -- a measure President Bush threatened to veto last week.

Pizza 911...

I have been tempted to do this very thing- so what's the problem?

A childhood friend passes: The man who put the "grr" in Tony the Tiger's "GRRREEAT!" died Sunday. Thurl Ravenscroft voiced the Kellogg Frosted Flakes pitchman for more than 50 years.

I also heard that Howard Morris died- you might remember him as Ernest T. Bass (my favorite of all the characters) on the Andy Griffith show. Check out the official -like homepage by his son. You ain't heard the last of Ernest T. Bass...

What's the Purpose?

After all the reading, teaching, and conversation on the topic, exactly what do Americans perceive their purpose in life to be? check out the new Barna survey... so is there such a thing as family idolatry?

And there is a new Gallup poll sponsored by Group that Connects Friendship, Food, and Faith that provides a direct link between human friendships and spiritual maturity.

Wow, sure am glad I saved early and often on this- I just crashed.

Here is time Magazine's list of 100 all time greatest movies- I don't think so...

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