May 15, 2006 Mother's Day Looking Toward Father's Day

Earnie had a tough turnaround trip to see her Mom while I worked at home Friday. I don't think she has missed a Mother's Day (at least, the day before or so) with her Mom since I have known her, and many times it was a sacrifice to make the trip. She was so tired she had to sleep in Sunday morning.

I was asked to help lead praise and worship time at Gracepointe Church. We have an invitation to go to another church Sunday, and the invitation to serve again at Gracepointe in two ways: leading Praise and Worship and teaching a Bible study. These are good things but I think I must pass.

I was blessed to lead communion and provide the meditation; I used the song God gave me last week during a meditation time.

Taste this Treasure

Oh the Bread and the Fruit of the Vine
Paint a picture of Holy Design
For it's His blood we drink and its His flesh we eat
In so doing the story's complete.
But a picture can never suffice
And a symbol is no sacrifice
In the symbol and sign of the bread and the wine
We're in union with the living Christ.
In our communion-mysterious union
We partake of the feast that was prepared for us.
He becomes our portion, our One Holy Trust.
For the flesh and the blood that was served up that meal
We remember till He is revealed- in us
Taste this treasure as in Him we trust
Taste this treasure, oh come to the feast
Without measure this grace is released
Bread of life and blood that avails
You can find it here at the table and it never fails
So partake of your portion that ever prevails.

Anthony Foster
May 11, 2006

Why take a pass?

First, I have another invitation to consider from Paul Chitwood, whom I had a very gracious conversation with this week. I am very impressed with his pastor's heart and the fact that he is encouraging young preachers by opening up the pulpit for their experience and his feedback. For another thing, I am convinced this phase of life will see me recede and others I support will advance in their ministry. Not that my work will be less, but perhaps less visible, and, I hope conducive to humility and joy. I am interested in exploring a grace borne covert modus operandi, which will yield more than me being on a stage front and center...

Mom's Day

We took my Mom out to lunch and enjoyed her company. Strangely, the days surrounding Mother's Day reminded me of my Dad. When I look at so many widows, it makes me wonder if the edict that Eve's desire would be after her husband was referring to the difference in lifespans in the genders. I have never heard this mentioned from the pulpit so it is a curious thought only.

My Father Cried for Joy

I was just a young boy
Oh so conscious of my sin
Deep and dark and troubled
At the bad son I had been…
And when I heard the preacher
Tell me of the good news
My white knuckled resistance
Faded from all view
Though I 'd heard the story
So many times before
This time it came home to me
And shook me to the core
And standing there at the side
Of that wide eyed wondering boy
My father stood there shaking
Weeping tears of Joy.
He stood there beside me
On my shoulder was His hand
His son was now his brother
Though I didn't understand
I often wonder that I was so blessed
That I had sense to enjoy
The blessing of a father
Who could weep those tears of joy.

Anthony Foster
May 15, 2006

May 16, 2006 No Emergency, but it is important...

Last evening we had quite a start. We heard the approach of some sort of emergency vehicles getting closer and closer. The sirens blared and the lights flashed as a fire engine, and three other vehicles pulled up in front of our house.

I looked on wondering why all the noise in a residential area and why the fire department seemed to be lost in our neighborhood, as if they were looking for something.

Never fear, it was the diligent workers of the local volunteer fire department taking up for the 53rd annual Crusade for Children. I had forgotten it's notable place in the local culture. And it is for such a good cause. Check it out at

This is the first picture I have taken of our new home. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
God has blessed us everywhere we have lived with beautiful panoramic sun spectacles...
...and this is no exception... We are going to love it hear, methinks...
The roses were calling out to me "take us home!" I obliged.

We Shall Abide

Our hearts need to be broken by grace
Spill out all the chambers the world has filled
Drain out the worldiness and with it replace
It with an abandoned and hungering will.

So easily we get off track
So hard it is to make it back.
Set our ploughs toward your horizon
Renew our sense of vision
And remove from view that which would distract.

Show us how
Show us now
Reveal the truth that sets us free
Show us here
Make it clear
Open the eyes of our hearts so we can see.
There is no other sacrifice,
There is no other plea
The veil is rent and opened wide
In the hope of glory we shall abide.

Make the distant mark shine bright
Set our hearts and set our sights
On the One thing that will alone suffice
We would see how to abide in Christ.

Though we may be trembling as we trust
We abide In Christ for Christ is in us
His keeping power will see us through
And so we live in the faithful and true.

Show us how
Show us now
Reveal the truth that sets us free
Show us here
Make it clear
Open the eyes of our hearts so we can see.
There is no other sacrifice,
There is no other plea
The veil is rent and opened wide
In the hope of glory we shall abide.

Anthony Foster
May 16, 2006

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