Lots of good news-

Mom's tests came back negative,

A friend is recuperating from surgery

My dog is doing well after getting spayed

We are making headway on our house organization

I was able to get lots of work done the past two days at home

We were able to worship at a good church Sunday.

We saw a beautiful sunset today.

The Kentucky knoblands are beautiful this time of year.

National day of Prayer

I was able to break away for an hour to attend the local National Day of Prayer gathering. There were about 150 in attendance as a guesstimate. The local Minister's association (about a dozen of them) provided leadership, and God provided the beautiful weather , contrary to the weatherman's prediction.

I was encouragd by the quality of the prayers and the knowledge that the battle is being waged in this dark environment. We are just discovering that the spiritual wastekland we left 25 years ago has devolved in some ways and seen the light getting brighter in others. we are a part of a community here, and look forward to interacting.

We gathered at the river, literally. In the backdrop is an ancient graveyard where one of my earliest ancestors (Lewis Robards) in this area is buried. It was particularly appropriate timing, as Earnie is writing a term paper on prayer, and we have discussed it much lately.


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