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April 13, 2005 Minimal blogging ahead

Earnie is travelling back today from Kentucky and has declared her jaunt a success. She has lots of contact info for both of us. she really enjoyed going to church last night at Southeast Christian. She had been invited by someone she met yesterday.
I have been trying to keep my head above water- it is the busiest time of year and one of my cohorts in on vacation and the other at a conference, so I am the only one working. And so it goes. One eveing soon I hope to write my term paper. I think it will be on the imago Dei, since the final will allow for a paper on postmodern gnosticism.

Re.: on not knowing which state the Fosters are in from week to week? - State of Grace, hopefully.

What I saw on the way to work

I saw a deeply disturbing sight this morning. the traffic was jammed on I-270 and I finally saw what was up. A deer with a badly broken leg was desperately attempting to get into the woods and was hobbling on the stump of a leg bone along the fence that separates the woods from the interstate. A couple of DOT workers were looking on, afraid to approach it for fear it would dart into the traffic. It was a pitiful sight, and one that made me long for the redemption of the earth. One could almost sense the earth groaning.

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