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April 5, 2005 Lots of News on the Pope

The Pope page has all you'll ever need to know about Carol Wojtyla.

EvangeCube Helps Carry Reconciling Gospel Message to Rwanda

Allie Martin and Jenni Parker, Agape Press

A simple evangelistic tool is helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in war torn Rwanda. Nathan Sheets of Global Missions Fellowship (GMF) has just returned from an "EvangeCube" or "e^3" training in Rwanda, and he reports that this specialized evangelistic training is accomplishing work there that is instrumental to bringing about reconciliation in a nation riddled with ethnic strife. In the "e^3" training sessions, Christians are taught to make use of a unique handheld tool, the "EvangeCube," which is designed to present the gospel through illustrations.

Missionaries can use the device to help overcome barriers of language, literacy, or culture as they communicate the basic truths of their faith. The evangelistic training has shown great evidence of effectiveness already. "Of the churches that went out and did evangelism after we left, one church saw 97 people come to Christ the next day, another one 60, another one 67," the Global Missions Fellowship spokesman notes.

The churches in Rwanda caught the vision quickly, Sheets adds. The goals of GMF and EvangeCube for East Africa this year include planting 50 new churches, equipping 40,800 East Africans with EvangeCubes, and facilitating four million gospel presentations. Apparently there is an original and a newer model. Here is the flash demo.

With so much on CNN over the past week about Terry Schiavo, Jerry Falwell and the Pope, i don't have much to say on them. But here's the CT weblog on all of the above.

The latest study by The Barna Group identifies a growing trend for spiritual Americans to exercise their faith in places other than church, and George Barna said it would not be surprising if a larger portion of the born-again population shifts "from the 'churched' to 'unchurched' column of the ledger over the next 10 years." Barna found that one out of five unchurched people read the Bible in a typical week, six out of 10 pray to God each week, and 5 percent have shared their faith in Jesus Christ with people who are not professing Christians during the past year. Also, nearly 1 million unchurched adults tithe their income, though the money typically goes to a variety of parachurch ministries rather than a local church. During a typical month, six out of 10 unchurched adults worship God in a place other than a church service, Barna said. Three out of 10 study the Bible and one out of seven have times of prayer and Bible reading with family members. Four out of 10 seek Christian enrichment through television, radio, magazines or faith-based websites, and one-fourth of unchurched adults claim to have conversations with one or more friends who hold them accountable for carrying out their faith principles. Overall, Barna concluded that one in three American adults are unchurched.

Announcing...Logos Bible Software for the Macintosh


Macintosh users have asked for it and now it is finally headed your way: Logos Bible Software for the Macintosh. That's right...a version of Logos Bible Software that is native to Mac OS X. Immediate access to thousands of Bible reference titles never before available for the Macintosh. The advanced automation and convenient reports that Logos users have come to love.

Logos Bible Software is built on the Libronix Digital Library System. The Libronix DLS is a very modular system built of many components. The Macintosh version will consist of shared code for the "back end" (the search engine, data file handling, etc.) and a completely new, OS X native user interface layer built from the ground up. Work on the product has already begun, and the official launch is planned for December 2005. They will be pulling back the curtain now and then for a peek in the meantime and will start taking orders as launch day approaches. The best way to keep up to date on all this is to subscribe to the http://www.logos.com/mac/#list. They are making every effort to incorporate as many features as possible from the Windows version. It will look as great, feel as familiar, and behave as well as your favorite Macintosh software.

Emergent apologetics?

Tony Jones addresses critics of the Emergent Church on his blog.

CT Filmforum here for reviews of the latest hollywood drivel.

Zach at the Narnia Tour got back with me. i'll be doing what I can to help with the Narnia tour in St. Louis and Louisville this fall. I have had contact with several of the speakers over the years and I'm looking forward to the lectures.

BTW, I got the tape of the CTL Seminar fromFriday March 25th at 12:00pm in TC 202-204:

"Another Road to Middle Earth: Peter Jackson's Film Trilogy of The Lord of the Rings" with Professor T.A. Shippey, Walter J. Ong Chair of the Humanities at
St. Louis University, author of several works on Tolkein and the main literary consultant on the film trilogy.

After a few close calls, astronomers have finally obtained the first photograph of a planet beyond our solar system, SPACE.com has learned.

The planet is thought to be one to two times as massive as Jupiter. It orbits a star similar to a young version of our sun.


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