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March 30, 2004

Fourth American Missionary Dies from Attack in Iraq last week

A fourth American missionary has died (March 22) from a drive-by shooting attack in Mosul on Monday that killed three other Christian relief workers and wounded a companion. According to the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (SBIMB), David McDonnall, 28, of Rowlett, Texas, died Tuesday. McDonnall's wife Carrie, 26, who was wounded, remains in critical, but stable condition.Last week the SBIMB identified the dead as Larry T. Elliott, 60; his wife, Jean Dover Elliott, 58, both of Cary, N.C.; and Karen Denise Watson, 38, of Bakersfield, Calif. Here's a story on this from the Star Telegram, Let's continue to pray for Carrie.

March 29, 2004 I had a great birthday

Earnie bought tickets to Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau at the Four Rivers center. Here is a Maynard tribute page.

While I remain unimpressed with the high notes approaching the range of a dog whistle, the band played great together and the drummer was sensational. This "Little Big Band " sound was one of the better jazz experiences I have had.

I'm glad the seats were about 20 feet away as I was waiting for 76 year old Maynard to explode while flailing his arms to the beat and reaching for the stratosphere on the horn.

Drummer Stockton Helbing (23) stole the show with an incredible solo. There was also an amazing pianist whose name is William Bonness. He played a few really great moments, and I later heard he is only 18. At 18 I could barely sleep as well as he can play piano.

April Fools jokes to prepare for

Ever got caught? Here are a few that caught even the wary so be careful!

Passion movie brings in 2,500 new members

Rick Warren reports that the Saddleback Church gained 2,500 new members in the few days after the release of Mel Gibson's movie 'The Passion of the Christ'. Want to get in touch with what God is doing worldwide? This report is at JoelNews . I may have to add this site to my blogroll! Here is Mark's blog which I will read with interest until I see something unorthodox.

Bible Reading is on the Rise in the West

According to Barna Research, more people are reading their Bibles. While this is no indicator of faithfulness to Christ in and of itself , I have to believe this is good news.

This is what Pop REALLY wants for Father's Day. Checkitout. If he REALLY want a tie, here's one to consider.

This may be taking Lo carb/ high protein too far. Check out the Salad Frog.

After the storm...

I had a terrible trip back in the rain on Sunday... but after the storm Sunday I was treated to a firestorm display at sunset overlooking St. Louis.
In the east over Fairview Heights was a double rainbow to add to the treat. Both legs of one bow were visible from my vantage point and the northernmost legwas accented by the second bow. So I pulled off the road and just enjoyed for about ten minutes. Then it was gone. But it almost made the stormy travel worth it. Lots of stuff in life is that way.


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