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March 26, 2006 On the Road Again

On the road to visit Mom and Earnie the songs poured forth, now I'm back again. More changes are ahead.

It's two days before my 50th birthday. I visited the graves of my Father, paternal Grandfather and Grandmother, two Great Grandfathers, and two Great Grandmothers today. All in one place. Curiously, the graveyard is full, so there is no room for me.

On my return I received acknowledgement and an invitation to join the 2006 cohort at SBTS FINALLY and OFFICIALLY. I sat me down and had a good and joyful cry. I am so grateful for the prayers and graces extended to me that have sustained me. Now the challenge begins.

Anthem of Grace

You are the God of great renown
Your name we proclaim and we love its sound
For there's no other name that has been given
It's the only one you gave!
So we sing this anthem of grace
And we bring our song into this place
We would be your people in this place
Singing the anthem of grace.
We stand and we will gaze
At the blazing fire of amazing grace
We stand and we are amazed
At the mighty word that in us you place
Glory sharers, we are glory bearers
We will never be ashamed
Lord to hear and to declare it
By the power of your name
Lord we will evermore
Will evermore glory in your name
Glory in your name
Glory in your name
We bear the mark of Jesus
Faultless and without blame
We will glory in your name.

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

Double Portion

Don't want to have to look back to see my better days
My best songs all are, as of yet, unsung.
So I'll keep a forward gaze
A simple and a quiet life is to what I will aspire
I'll know the bounds of blessedness, I'll have all I require
There are better days ahead
On this path on which I'm led
So I'll look to them instead
And I'll not avert my eyes
I'll put my hand to your plow
Neither right nor left I'm looking now
There to hope and dream and to allow
Your hope to overflow my heart
Where you've become my portion and my part.
You are my portion Lord
No other possession will afford
The blessedness of knowing You
And your sufficient grace
For you are my portion now
And in the end I will in bounty bow
The double portion you endow
All other treasures will replace
Lord give to me a double portion of Your grace.

Anthony Foster
On the Road to Louisville, in a snowstorm and a traffic Jam on I-65
March 24, 2006

Faith's Obedience

Lord you are God and I am not
Remind me who I am
This humbling process costs a lot
So hold me in your hand!
As I take every thought captive,
And to you I turn, I turn my eyes
I pray that faith's obedience
Will one day make me wise
When I am losing it you will find me
When I'm forgetful you remind me
That the world, the flesh , the devil
Conspire to bind and blind me
Lord give me grace to make decisions
Keep me open to the vision
Make it clear that life's a mission
And I am not my own
For you've bought me with a price
And I am yours alone.
As I reckon the reality
I come to know what's true
I reject the reign of sin
And I turn my eyes to you
As I give my life and I confess
As an instrument of righteousness
I am more blessed as I bless
Your name in all I do
Oh Lord I would honor you
Oh Lord I would honor you!

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

God of Jeshurun

God of Jeshurun, God of the upright,
God of my Fathers, Lord of majesty and might
God of the outcast, Lord of the downcast
God of Jeshurun, Lord, be my God!

God of Jeshurun, God of the upright,
Though we were lowly,
You help us fight the good fight
Wielding your Spirit's sword
We are the army of the Lord
God of Jeshurun, help us to stand!

You took me from the perilous pit and from the miry clay
You set my feet upon a rock and your Spirit lights my way

God of Jeshurun, God of the upright
Help me to stand tall,
H elp me to walk within your light
God of Jeshurun, help me to stand
As your eye searches to and fro throughout this weary land
To strongly support each upright man.

Anthony Foster
Deut 32-33, Isaiah 44:2
March 23, 2006

Here and Now

Here and Now , Lord this is the day
A divine appointment to come and seek your way
Here and now , Lord this is the time
Come to his table and eat His bread and drink his wine
Just taste of the gift- this is the time.

Behold the Lord is knocking at the door
You've heard Him there a thousand times before
Don't take his grace for granted
He may not knock again
So here and now on your knees bow
And on him now depend!

Here and now- for this is the day
The day of your deliverance
There is no other way
Here and now, trust in Him once for all.
For this is the appointed time
So on His name now call
This is the appointed time
As on your face you fall
To worship Him and trust in Him
Confessing Him as Lord of all.

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

It’s Not About Us

No it’s not about us, it's about Jesus
It’s not about us, it's about Jesus
Jesus it's you and you alone
Oh Jesus you reign upon your throne
Oh Jesus on your name we call
Oh Jesus you are Lord of All!

It’s not about us, it's about Jesus
In Him we will trust, trust in our Jesus
Yours is the name above all names
From age to age the same
Yours is the name we shall exalt
Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus
You are Lord of All.

Oh do you know my Jesus as your savior and your friend?
Do you know my Jesus and on him now depend?
Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus
You are Lord of All.

Unto Jesus we give all glory and praise
Unto His majesty whose glory is displayed
Who once for all has died
Was raise and glorified
Oh his majesty, Oh his majesty,
Oh his majesty shall ever be my King!

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

Oh Lord You Ride

Oh Lord you ride on the heavens in your help
In your excellency on the sky.
God of the upright wing your flight
See the God of Jeshurun fly.
Do not fear for God is with you
Be not dismayed for He is God
He will strengthen you and see you through
With His mighty staff and rod.
He will uphold you with His hand
By his right hand of righteousness we stand.
In a dry and weary land
Our strength he will renew.
He calls us His beloved
We belong to God alone
It pleases him to help us
His little flock his voice has known
Oh Lord you ride on the heavens in your help
In your excellency on the sky.
God of the upright wing your flight
See the God of Jeshurun fly.
Do not fear for God is with you
Be not dismayed for He is God
He will strengthen you and see you through
With His mighty staff and rod.

Anthony Foster
March 25, 2006

Prayer for Healing

Lord as here on our knees we kneel
Lord we ask you to come and heal
Broken bodies are racked with pain
For your glory send your healing again

Lord we lift our fervent prayer
We know you hear us, we know you care
If it be your will Lord you can heal
Lord heal our friend we pray
Thy will be done this day

Bring renewal, bring relief
Lord you rule o'er all our pain and grief
Give a future and a hope secure
Hope of heaven
Help our friend endure

Lord we cry out, we intercede
Help us bear the burdens, meet the needs
Though the thorns of life may make us fall
Lord may your grace be sufficient for it all.
Come and heal our friend, on you we call.

Lord be our sufficiency
Give us grace to set us free from worry and fear
You are strong when we are weak,
So your strength alone we seek
Drawing near to us as we to you draw near
And we know our prayer for healing you will hear.

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

Rivers of Rest

Though I may search through this world I will not see
No matter where look You are the only well for me.
There are broken cisterns all around
Where bitter waters may be found
But the living water is what will quench my thirst
But I must drink deeply first.

Into your living water I would deeply sink
To immerse myself in you and there to deeply drink
So baptize me with water, Lord that flows from mercy's source
On your mighty river I would set my course.
Rivers of Rest, where we are blessed
Rivers of rest where we are blessed.

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

Seize the Day

Seize the day, see the light,
Seek the way narrow and bright.
On the highway of holiness
We must set out sights.
Take the stand, count the cost
Lay it down at the cross
And put on all your armor for the fight.

The power is in His omnipotent hand
The power of life and death
The power to love and the power to stand
The power that gives each breath.
He's a strong and mighty tower
In Jesus there is all power.

Power is Perfected in those who are meek
Power is Perfected in those who are weak
Power is Perfected and He's making us strong
Power is Perfected in redemption's song.
Power, Power, Power in those who are weak.
Power, Power, Power in those who are weak.
Power, Power, Power in those who are weak.
Power for this hour
Though power 's not the thing that we seek
Power sweet power
Power in those who are weak
Power of a changed life (power power)
Power of repentance (power power)
Power over unbelief (power power)
Power to raise the dead.
Power over Satan (power power)
Power over Flesh (power power)
Power over the World, (power power)
Power over sin and death

Anthony Foster March 24, 2006

Soul Patrol

On the Soul Patrol we will go and teach
We will seek the lost till the world we reach
On the Soul Patrol all our days are in his control
We're on the Soul Patrol

On the Soul Patrol we must seek the lost
We must reach the nations at any cost
On the Soul Patrol we would see them all baptized
By the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit they will be made wise
Yes to reach the world will be our goal
On the Soul Patrol

Well we all have an expiration date
Better come to Him before it's too late

We got to bring the gospel
Got to speak God's word
Got to stand and make it clear
So it can be heard
Well Jesus has the Message
Jesus has the plan
If you want to get to heaven
You must be born again.
Cause if you believe in Jesus
Then He can make you whole
If you trust in Jesus He will save your soul!

Now we have been sent out
To give the world the word
And by His Spirit there's no doubt
It surely shall be heard
Now if we do not preach it
The world will take its toll
So give your heart to Jesus
And you can join the Soul Patrol
Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol.

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

Unto the Uttermost

Unto the uttermost the victory's won
Unto the uttermost for all who to Him come
He ever lives, ever intercedes for each of His own
Unto the uttermost unto the uttermost His salvation's done
The Love of God is shed abroad
By his Spirit in our hearts
When we were weak he came to seek
And to vouchsafe the peace he imparts
What he started he will accomplish
That good work he began in you
He will perform it and make it complete
Till the day of Christ Jesus is due.
Unto the uttermost- He intercedes
Unto the uttermost the blood He pleads
Unto the uttermost-He'll meet all our needs.
Unto the uttermost, unto the uttermost
We're freed indeed!
Unto the uttermost, He is able to save-
Unto the uttermost Even to the grave-
Unto the uttermost, He gave and gave
Unto the uttermost, unto the uttermost
Jesus will save!

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

You are the Mighty King

You are the mighty King
Ruler of everything
You are the sovereign ruler of all
So at your throne we fall.
You are the mighty King
Your rule and reign you bring
So of your kingdom we will sing
You are the mighty King.
Make it plain, rule and reign
May the increase of your kingdom see no end
Majesty , rule in me
As joyfully my knee I bend.
Take the helm of your realm
Your will be done on earth as in heaven above
The ruling king now sheds abroad His love.
You are the mighty King
Your kingdom you will bring
It is established in this world below
You are the sovereign Lord
Worthy to be adored
From a rock to a mountain we see it grow
Your kingdom comes so all the world will know.
The earth is your footstool
You have the right to rule
As in heaven so on earth
We will declare your worth
You are the reigning King
Master of everything
Worthy to be adored
Majesty you are the reigning Lord.

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

You Rule, You Reign

Don't live with the pain of your sin and your shame
Come to Jesus and lay it all down
He'll give you new hope and he'll help you to cope
With the floods that would cause you to drown
For there's no other hope and there's no other name
That can save you and keep you through life's little game
And he causes the strong man to break
And the world will bow down for His sake.

You rule, you reign
You loved, you came
To be the king of this world below
You sit, I bow
Reign here, rule now
There are many pretenders, but there is only one king.
He rules over everything!
Your wish is my command
And I will seek to stand
To declare your sovereign plan to all the earth.
For there is but one king
And there is just one thing
We must do and do for all we're worth
We worship the King
All glorious above
And gratefully sing
Of His wonderful Love!

Anthony Foster
March 24, 2006

Lord over All

How wonderful is your counsel oh Lord
Oh marvelous is the light of your word
Glorious your plan to reveal to man
Mighty and majestic
Your kingdom never ends.
Glory to God
He sheds His love abroad
So that at the name of Jesus
Every knee shall bow.
And every tribe and tongue confess
That Jesus is Lord here and now.
I will worship in the courts of the Lord
Who is worthy now to be adored
I will glory now and be restored
'Neath the shadow of His sheltering wings
We'll raise his banner high as I shout
Further up and further in
Until there's no doubt
That Jesus is Lord over all!

Anthony Foster
March 26, 2006

Big and Strong and Holy

Lord you are so big and I am so small
Unto you I flee unto you I call
As the sun breaks on my eyes
I will look unto the skies
And each morning when I rise on my knees I fall.
Lord you are so strong and I am so weak
I am one of many but you are unique
You are worthy of all my praise
You are creator of all my days
To you alone I will turn my gaze
And your face I will seek.
Lord you are so holy and I am so not.
But I will give you all that I have got.
It's all due to your call
My ear is pierced with your holy awl
So I'll give you my all
Though I haven't got a lot.

Anthony Foster
March 23, 2006

More of You and Less of Us

More of you and Less of us
We pursue a holy trust
As we're laying down our lives
We will see your love suffice
So die we must
It's all of you for we are only dust.
We want to show the world that Jesus loves them
We want to show the world that there's a better way to live
And as we live our lives before them
May the power and the glory of your name
Be exalted in the heavens
This is our aim.
Be exalted now as we declare your fame!
As we lay our lives down for the least of these
May we fade from view and see your glory released.
More of you and Less of us
We pursue a holy trust
As we're laying down our lives
We will see your love suffice
So die we must
It's all of you for we are only dust.

Anthony Foster
March 23, 2006

My family surprised me this weekend with a birthday party...I'm a blessed man!

Me and my chicken hat.
See the oldest living human in captivity...
Getting ready for next year's cheers...
They had mercy on me and didn't make me blow out 50 of these.
an uncommon cup...
A chapeau to match the shirt...

Wikipedia and Britannica equally bad on science?

John Seigenthaler Sr. Wikipedia biography controversy

A key phrase from Millard Erickson’s Christian theology, second edition, p. 1038: "The emphasis today is on what God is doing, not what He is like." This is an area of focus I hope to address in any and all of my future ministry. I think it will have to be established in multitudinous forms, in multiple media and in intentional conversation to maximize the effect. Establishoing a Spiritual beachhead for the invasion of the rediscovery of Knowing God is a worthy task. It is so easy to become accustomed to His grace and in so doing fail to seek His face.

I heard from a friend’s daughter that a friend has passed. Ken Atkins was a fellow history zealot and preserver of antiquities. Ken and I uncovered much of the family history independently and together. His branch of the family were recipients of the family photos- mainly, I think because they had so many girls. When I didn’t receive a card at Christmas, I suspected something was amiss. God was merciful in that he did not linger in suffering, but I shall miss him.

March 24, 2006—Blogging, and the easy access to--and exchange of--ideas that it has spawned, is having a "transformative" effect on education, according to the winners of the first-ever eSchool News "Best of the Education Blog" Awards.

New course teaches Instructional gaming. A developer of educational video games for the classroom is offering what is believed to be the first comprehensive professional development course for educators who want to incorporate instructional computer gaming into their curricula. The course comes as interest in gaming as an instructional tool appears to be on the rise.


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