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March 16, 2004 Big Blue Nation

Double Stink Hog Farm belongs. You should go there too. Kentucky has so many opportunities for tourism ;-).Got a barn or silo to paint? The Cats are artistes and will paint yours.


Alma Mater news-Two of Murray State's players were arrested on drug charges. Don't know how that will affect their playing status- innocent until proven guilty and all that but if they win and the players are found guilty that sure becomes a mess.

Another Alma Mater moment-The University of Louisville got a 10 seed and will go against Xavier whom I predict they will wallop in the first round. Here's a picture of Pitino doing the hokey pokey to prepare for Orlando.

March 15, 2004 We're back... Blogging again

Had a good trip to Kentucky. Took Mom to see the Passion and had some interesting conversations with family, most of whom were raised Catholic and saw no Catholic influence on the movie. ??? Curious??? I will be blogging on the authority of scripture some as time allows as that came up in two distinct conversations in the past couple of days. I have lots already written and will try to dredge it up.

Met some distant cousins at Grandma's birthday party who were very nice.

Kentucky got a good draw on the NCAA bracket selections- Go Wildcats! I'll take March madness over the NBA any day! My picks for the tournament will be here in the next day or so.

Watched most of the SEC championship game with my uncles who are also fans. The Georgia Dome looked as though it was in Lexington -- nearly everyone in the crowd was a member of the Big Blue Nation. The Wildcats will leave "Cat-Lanta" with a number one seed in the tournament...

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