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February 13, 2006 Eagerly anticipating

Still have not heard whether I made it past the selection committee for the CPhD. As with most things, it seems to be taking longer than expected, but that could just be my expectations talking. this forms another point of paradox in the Christian life- to have faith is the assurance of things hoped for; in the big, eschatological picture we tend to think in more assured terms than in the little things of life. The devil, so to speak, is in the details. I have to put those things on the altar as well, to reckon the reality in regard to them.

Beyond Narnia Documentary premieres on DVD March 28.

We have added to our literary video collection and have been enjoying the A&E versions of Literary Romance Collections 1 and 2 and Poirot...I was able to find a copy of North and South at Half-Price Books as well...

Marvelous and Mysterious

Your matchless ways are above us
As high as the heavens o'er the earth
Beyond our ability to comprehend
Your ways transcend all but your worth.

If we had to truly know it all,
Plumb the depths of who you are
We could never get beyond that wall
Our minds cannot reach that far.

Marvelous and mysterious,
The depths that we don't understand
While we are mindful of your mystery
We are sure and secure in your hand

But you have sent your light  to men
Now open our eyes that we'll see
We have all we can comprehend
So let us rest in your mystery

We will do all that we know to do
As on the Lord's will we await
Trusting Him as faithful and true
As we learn to walk by faith

To go to te wall without knowing it all
In  trusting,  our faith is increased
By faith we will eagerly answer the call
For by faith alone our Lord is pleased.

Marvelous and mysterious
The depths that we don't understand
While we are mindful of your mystery
We are sure and secure in your hand

Anthony Foster
February 10, 2006

The Mortality Test: Hey I can save you the time of taking the test. Chances are still one-to-one that you will die unless Jesus comes back first.

Survey: Parents need help online

Schools could do a better job steering parents toward homework-help web sites, a poll suggests. So this may be a job for me in the future- something like my Internet Literacy class...doing seminars for parents on helping their kids use the net for school.

Remember when cartoon violence had another meaning altogether? The recent and escalating protests of Muslims over the denigrating images of the prophet are striking in several ways. To secular westerners, it may seem that "those people" are always just looking for something to protest.

I think we need to understand that the Muslims involved have a distinctly different idea of what constitutes the holy. In their minds, such a violation of their law demands a violent response, as it cuts to the heart of their theology. Holy war has at its heart the concept that the faithful must fight to the death as their salvation is based on their willingness to defend their prophet.

Christians serve a lion that needs no defense. That causes a set of mixed responses that melt into paradox. We are called, on the other hand, to defend the faith, to be ready to give a proper response and perhaps even to die for the Kingdom of Heaven. But the weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary we have divine power to demolish strongholds. This has lead Christians down a path that allows them forget there is a real battle going on in the heavenlies, one of principalities, powers and dominions. We have lost a sense of battlefield faith, and are more willing to fight for our rights or even our sports team than become soldiers of the Lord.

These are not all radical Muslims involved in the conflagration. They have an "us and them" attitude that Christians have also adopted in our comfortable and syncretistic pursuits. If they have a warped sense of the holy, at least they passionately care for it. I am not so sure the church can say that on the whole. Now, before you take me to task, I am not advocating Christian violence in the sense of what the protesters are up to. But I am calling for an awakening of a passion for the holiness of Yahweh and a diligent pursuit of all that hallows His Name in our culture, our society, our world. We have so much to proclaim to a Muslim world that imposes by fear of death requirements that forbid conversion. These very laws reveal the weakness of their faith- which at its end makes no provision for the Sin problem. This is what sets Jesus apart. He saves us from our sins. No one ever did or ever shall compare with that work.

Feb 14, 2006 Pray for John Piper's surgery today. Here is the update page to inform your prayers... We are praying that God will heal John and restore him to the pulpit soon!

February 15, 2006 I heard today that I am moving forward to the writing and interview stage of my PhD work...that is a relief, but I cannot tarry- have to get to the books for research...Earnie is off the Louisville on some seminary business...

Forget a thousand words. This picture's worth $2.9 million

A photograph of a pond taken by Edward Steichen sold for more than $2.9 million, easily setting a world record for the highest-priced photograph ever auctioned, Sotheby's said. Check this out.

The image is one of true beauty. I am encouraged that the artistic sensibilities of the entire art world have not become corrupted completely. Artists like Steichen, Stieglitz, and Adams are becoming more appreciated with age it seems.

Apple Computer Inc. said Tuesday it will begin shipping this week the new MacBook Pro, the company's first laptop computer to feature an Intel Corp. microprocessor. I want to get one, but I will wait until the dust settles- there is a backlog at this point at any rate, so I will keep my money fluid in the mean time. I remember a several month backlog on a previous release a few years back

MySpace now has 2 1/2 times the traffic of Google Inc., and it is the top social-networking site where users build larger and larger circles of friends. MySpace embraced then music community with custom features. College students can rate their professors and find classmates or alumni. Others play games, view ads, send online party invitations or rate the brave on how "hot" they are.

Instead of using e-mail and instant messaging, people keep in touch with friends simply by posting bulletins on her personal MySpace page, known as a profile. There, friends can send a private message or post a public comment; they can see a photo album or read a blog.

The free, ad-supported site has gotten so popular among teens -- a quarter of its users are registered as minors -- that parents, schools and law enforcement officials have taken notice, warning of sexual predators and other dangers.

Speaking of space, this is a Google image of the back field at the family farm.
"The heart has its reasons, that reason knows not of."


"God of Abraham, God of Isaac,
God of Jacob’s line
Not of philosophers and scholars.
You send your fire divine
Certitude and surety
Heartfelt joy, peace.
May this fire you plant in me
Ever see increase.

Joy, joy, joy, tears of joy I have known
You are a blazing, burning fire in my bones
God of Jesus Christ. I worship you alone
God of Jesus Christ. I worship you alone

All The world forgotten,
Left without regard
I leave all things except my God;
This treasure I will guard
O my righteous Father,
the world has not known you
but I have known You Father
Your fire I will pursue.

Joy, joy, joy, tears of joy I have known
You are a blazing, burning fire in my bones
God of Jesus Christ.I worship you alone
God of Jesus Christ.I worship you alone

Anthony Foster
After Blaise Pascal
February 16, 2006

Lay Down

Cast your burdens on the Lord
Cast your burdens on the Lord
He never sleeps, Who hears our prayers
Our souls He keeps- for us He cares.
Cast your burdens on the Lord
Cast your burdens on the Lord
The One whom all our sorrows bore
Shall bear our griefs and so much more
So lay them down
Turn them over to the Lord
Our every need will be met
Our every loss restored
Cast your burdens on the Lord
Cast your burdens on the Lord
I am my greatest burden
So I lay me down at His feet
I am my biggest burden
So I lay me down upon the mercy seat.
Jesus bears the weight and strain
His grace redeems our time and pain
If we cast our burdens on
Cast our burdens on
Cast our burdens on the Lord.

February 16, 2006
Anthony Foster


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