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January 30, 2006 Technology Update - for Teaching and Learning

Apple makes courses available via podcasts.

A Footstool For Your Feet

I stand before your presence receiving your deliverance
And mere words can never capture my delight.
In all the world there must be no greater grace and mercy
For you've done all that's required to set things right.
So I bow down on my knee and simply cry
Knowing you have set me free so bye and bye...
You will take me to your side
Once you come back or I have died
So in knowing all my need you have supplied
I will live my life for you!
Yeah, I fall down on my face in rapture sweet
I will lay myself upon your mercy seat.
Where your wrath, it is appeased
And my sinful soul's released
I will live my life as a footstool for your feet.

I will worship, I will pray
Seek your heart your will your way
I will follow every day
To the place you’ve made things right
Oh the cross of deliverance, the cross that sets men free
Oh the cross makes all the difference
It has bridged eternity.
In your humble holy way
You have taught us Lord to pray
So on earth as in heaven. we seek your will
We declare your worth and will until
You return to take us to your side
With your arms held open wide.

January 30, 2006
Anthony Foster

Beautiful Saviour

Beautiful Saviour
The day of your favor
Is the time and place when you open our eyes
Beautiful Saviour
May we never waver
May we ever keep our eyes set on the prize
You will ever be our treasure if we're wise.

Beautiful Saviour, open our heart
That we may see your lovely works as works of art
For we are your workmanship and your image we all bear,
And so in the weight of glory we have a share
If we live and move and find our being there.

Beautiful Saviour
You freely gave your
Life upon the tree that we might give
Living you loved us
Dying you saved us
Buried you carried our sins away
So we may live.

Beautiful Saviour, open our heart
That we may see your lovely works as works of art
For we are your workmanship and your image we all bear,
And so in the weight of glory we have a share
If we live and move and find our being there.

Anthony Foster
January 30, 2006


To know the living God is to love Him
And oh we love him forevermore
To know the living God is to worship
So we worship forevermore.
No one on earth can pay the price
Of the living sacrifice,
But the living God He bled and died for me
And now no one will ever dare
To find some way that can compare
To this love all its measure or degree.

To know the living God is to follow
So we follow forevermore
To know the living God is to trust Him
So we trust Him forevermore
There is no treasure on this earth
That can compare unto His worth
No other name is lifted up like Jesus' name
For only He will seek and save
And only He rose from the grave
To the glory of the Father He came

That we may know the living God and adore Him
So we adore Him forevermore
To know the Living God is to tremble
So we tremble in our very core
As His name we adore.
So we praise the name of Jesus forevermore
Forevermore, Forevermore, Forevermore
Forevermore, Forevermore, Forevermore

Anthony Foster
January 28, 2006

January 31, 2006 More TeachTech

Chicago approves its first virtual school...

Ball State U. research on paper versus web

Former Microsofty doing good...

Online Design seminar...

Podcast of an interview with the Moodle creator...

New Tech blog I just discovered...

Happy Belated Blogday

Awww. I missed my own blog's birthday- and now its a toddler- three years old!

Faith and science op ed piece-Faith, science debate lacks voice of reason

Several readers recently expressed strong but ill-reasoned opinions in response to a previous commentary by Edward Wilson ("Let's accept the fault line between faith and science," The Forum, Jan. 16).

USA Today Faith columns


We are broken vessels, vestiges
Of what we were created to be
We’re prone to mix our messages
And to mirror inconsistency.

But our limitations do not limit You
You are still faithful, You are True.
So guide us and our minds renew
Give wisdom to discern your ways.
Give us one consistent view
A grid to filter all that’s True
For truth has consequences too
As your glory it displays.

Whatsoever things are true I will embrace
Take every thought captive by Your grace
I will think and act and follow thee
With a passionate simplicity.

Hear us and heal us, Save us and seal us
To the day of redemption when Your will is done.
Father forgive us, Cleanse us and give us
A new name, a new day, The victory's won.
We’ll share in your glory, we’ll share in your rule
We’re part of the story, we’re God’s Holy Fools.

Anthony Foster
February 1, 2006

Favorite Poems site- I found a Neruda!


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