January 26, 2004 You Are what You Eat

Flamingoes are not natually pink. They are born gray. Thir color is due to thir diet.  Chemicals in the crustaceans they eat are what gives the flamingo its pink color. If their diet is changed, their feathers become white.

Sounds like this is a good metaphor for the effect out appetites have on us spiritually. What we partake of has an effect on our character and our demeanor. 

The Bible is a Christian's primary source of spiritual food. It helps us to grow spiritually strong in the Lord. Your physical body needs food to grow and be strong. The same is true for your spirit.  A constant diet of God's Word through personal Bible study promotes spiritual growth.

Illinois Senior Defending Right to Say 'God Bless' in School

Jim Brown, Agape Press (This happened just down the road from where I live...)

A pro-family law firm is defending a Christian student who was kicked off his public school's daily TV broadcast program for uttering two words while on the air: "God bless." Dupo High School in Dupo, Illinois, has suspended senior James Lord for at least a month for telling people before the Christmas vacation: "Have a safe and happy holiday, and God bless." The school claims Lord's comment was inappropriate for public school and violated the so-called "separation of Church and State." But his attorney, Frank Manion with the American Center for Law and Justice, says the school acted unconstitutionally. "This is, at best, a sham, an over-reaction, [and] a misinterpretation of what the law requires with regard to religion in schools," Manion says. "We are prepared to vindicate James' First Amendment free-speech rights in court." A member of the Dupo School Board is quoted as saying the Superintendent Michael Koebel "knows the rules and knows what people can say and can't say." Lord will attempt to address his local school board by asking members to revoke his suspension and acknowledge the right of a student to use the expression "God bless." The senior distributed more than 400 flyers to encourage local citizens to attend the meeting. He told a local newspaper he cannot guarantee he will not repeat the phrase.

From my pal Larry on the Motley Fool LOTR site...(Yes you will need to set up an ID) Larry says, (with tongue placed fertively in cheek, I suspect)

"...if we consider that the three LOTR movies were actually movies 4 through 6 in a long series, then the prequels (or threequels) 1-3 would be:

LOTR -1: "The Elves: From Here to Eternity"
LOTR -2: "Gollum: The Missing Years"
LOTR -3: "The Hobbit: there and back again"

... and the sequels 7-9 would be...."

LOTR 7: "Return of the Fellowship"
LOTR 8: "The Dark Lord Strikes Back"
LOTR 9: "The Rise and Fall of the Third Alliance"

Anthony sez...I think LOTR 1-2 might fare better than the Silmarillion. The Silmarillion tells a tale of the Elder Days, when Elves and Men became estranged by the Dark Lord Morgoth's lust for the Silmarils, pure and powerful magic jewels (Amazon review). My recollection of reading it was that it was dryer than LOTR and might have benefitted from multiple volumes instead of filling it with so much to cover...

And Larry also sez.

"Looks like John Piper has a brand new book out "The Passion of Jesus Christ". Certainly timely, probably not a coincidence, and will hopefully clear up unresolved issues due to Mel Gibson's movie -- leading people to the cross and to the crucified one. Perhaps having their soil prepared by the movie, from everything I've heard."

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