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January 24, 2005 Prayer request

I did myself in Saturday after a great day- UK whupped up on LSU and I started a project that has been lingering for some time. I was moving sheets of three quarter inch plywood and ripped a muscle in my lower back- ouch! By Sunday morning I was incapacitated. With 1200 mg of Ibuprofin, heat/ice therapy and a back brace I made it to work today.

Anyway I didn't get to teach yesterday and I had a kewl lesson on 'rewards all primed and ready to go. Iwill post the scant outline here for your perusal, should you be so inclined...

2005-The year of the Pod, people

FYI- here are a bunch of links to what others are already doing...

What is podcasting?




Professors at Georgia College & State University (GC&SU) have discovered that
the iPod isn't just the world's coolest device for storing and playing music tracks. Now, students in several classes tote an iPod around campus to listen to digital audio content that ranges from Shakespeare to Spanish history.


Turn your iPod into a portable language lab.


Ipod and education:


A talking news service in the UK goes digital for visually impaired customers. The Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Society for the Blind, UK took a technological leap from audiocassette tapes to digitally recorded content provided on an iPod. Conceived as a project to offer the visually impaired a library of audio on-the-go, the project has given an insight into the way that Apple technology can unlock ideas and potential by delivering technology that simply works.


ESCUCHAN POR FAVOR - Students use iPods during a Spanish class at the Brearley School in Manhattan, where the devices are required in grades 7 through 12. At Brearley, students use the iPods predominantly in interactive exercises.

Accelerating Statistical analysis at Kent State.



and at Duke:



Info on the Apple Digital Campus Project


January 26, 2005 Quote of the Day

"The triune God is plainly present everywhere. But I, together with all other men, had taken out my eyes."

From a letter from Cornelius Van Til to Francis Schaeffer; Extracted from Ordained Servant vol. 6, no. 4 (October 1997)

On the Road to March Madness

Yep, UK did it again last nite turning former arch enemy Tennessee into whipping boyz. Ouch- Hayes got a broken nose in the deal. I always wondered how anybody could play in one of those form fitting face masks. Probably a sermon illustration in that statement somewhere...

This song is "Experience" and is on The Secret of Time cd by Charlie Peacock. Very Van Tillian...

We can only possess what we experience
We can only possess what we experience
Truth to be understoon must be lived
We can only possess what we experience

There is a difference, a qualitative difference.
Between what I know as fact and what I know as truth.
It stands as a great divide, to seperate my thinking
From when I'm thinking foolishly and when I've understood.

The facts of theology can be altogether cold.
Though true in every way they alone can't change me.
Truth is creative, transforming and alive.
It's truth that keeps me humble, saved and set free.

We can only possess what we experience
We can only possess what we experience
Straight up honesty, that's my obligation.
That's the point when I obey the truth without hesitation.

When faith gains consent of my stubborn will
And makes the irreversible commitment real.
To the Jesus of my journey, to the Christ of crucifixion,
Resurrection and redemption, to the Father of mercy
To the God of all comfort

Then and only then, then and only then
Then and only then, truth begins its
Saving and illuminating work within the heart
If there be no sympathy, there
can be no understanding
You must surrender to a truth to really understand it.

I asked somebody today "If I was a cartoon character, who would I be?"

The answer came quickly_ well some days you are Yosemite Sam. All riight! MUCH better than a lot of others I could have thought of...

The roughest, toughest, rootin'est, shootin'est claim jumper that ever jump a claim.

The Meanest, roughest, rip-roarinn'est Edward Everett Horton-est hombre that ever packed a six shooter!

The blood thirstiest, shoot 'em firstiest, doggone worstiest buccanneer that ever sailed the Spanish main!

The roughest, toughest he-man hombre that's ever crossed the Rio Grande-and I don't mean Mahatma Ghandi!

( Reissue prints of that toon have that last line redubbed "And I ain't no mamby pamby!")

January 28, 2005 We need more Jargon.

From the Star Telegram and Associated Press, Allison Lynn's overused tech buzzwords.

Solution: Instead of making a product or offering a service, technology companies "provide solutions." Whether the solutions solve actual problems is a different matter.

Bandwidth: Technically refers to the capacity of a communications line, but is now used much more broadly. For example, people might say they don't have enough "personal bandwidth" (translation: time) to do a project.

Paradigm: An example or model.

Scalable: The ability of a computer or system to get bigger, typically as more users are added.

Synergy: Usually means that combining forces produces a better product - although that's not always the case in the software world. Also seen in reference to corporate mergers.

Robust: Implies that a product is bug-free and will work under rigorous circumstances. In many products, this claim can be debated.

World-class, best-of-breed, bleeding-edge, state-of-the-art: Variations on the claim that this is a unique and superior product.

E-anything: Something that is now being done online or in another electronic space, such as e-commerce or e-mail.

Win-win: A deal where everyone allegedly benefits.
Sources: The Computer Language Company, Accountemps, The Associated Press.

High-Falutin' goofy talk

Quote of the day: George Orwell wrote, "The great enemy of clear language is insincerity."

Buzz Killer A site dedicated to eradicating overused jargon in the communication industry. An example of the repartee:

"Just a general "what's up with that?" entry here: Books with authors who use "Dr." as a prefix. Stop it. I guess "Dr. Phil" is the corniest manifestation of this phenomenon, the cheesy, bullying effort to establish some kind of authority over the unlettered peasantry. Oooh - the Doctor is in! Quick - everybody to the town square for the laying-on of hands! It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the additional, inevitable use of the "M.D." or "Ph.D." suffix at the end of the author's name. Hey fatheads - the suffix is all you need! People understand what M.D. and Ph.D. mean. "

Christian do it too- here's a link to an article in the postheretical version of the Plain Truth Magazine. Also and article on the reformation of the WCOG after Armstrong died. Old news to be sure, but it provides context.

ADRIAN, Michigan (AP) -- A woman arrested after failing a sobriety test and telling police she drank three glasses of Listerine has pleaded guilty to drunken driving.

The Punk-Christian Son of a Preacher Man

Jay Bakker, son of Jim and Tammy Faye in a NYTimes interview...

''We're just trying to love people with no agenda,'' he told the group. ''That's hard, to be a Christian and have no agenda, and it's hard for people to think of a Christian with no agenda.''

I here I thought all this time we were supposed to have an agenda. Does the word mean something different today?

60th aanniversary of Auschwitz

from Jordancooper.com

"As the world says "never again" I can't help but think it that we haven't learned that much from it. The best book on the topic is Pullitzer Prize winner A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide. It documents not only the Holocaust but also Cambodia, the Kurds, Bosnia, and Rwanda. None of the stories reflect well on the west. We say "never again" but then when the moment passes and the media is attracted to something else we go back to our regular lives, barely aware that people are dying."

I was talking at lunch with a friend whose grandparents were in Germany at the time and how they were still in denial and didn't want to talk about what they had seen in their day. Alternately, the story goes they didn't know, what could we do we were peasants, to remembrances of people being herded onto cattle trains and being sprayed.

A candle lit in memory of Auschwitz victims Thursday.

I was talking at lunch with a friend whose grandparents were in Germany at the time and how they were still in denial and didn't want to talk about what they had seen in their day.

Alternately, the story goes they didn't know, what could we do we were peasants, to remembrances of people being herded onto cattle trains and being sprayed.

And speaking of people dying, a bipartisan congressional delegation, accompanied by an Oscar-nominated actor, urged the United States and the international community Thursday to take action to end the war in the Darfur region of Sudan. The times they aren't a changin' so much after all, eh Bob?

Almost cut my hair.

I look a lot older than I am. that used to be cool, but now i don't appreciate the offers of senior citizen discounts. My barber convinced me to use some hair color- which look do you prefer?


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