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January 17, 2005

It's Monday and I am blogging remotely from my Mom's house in Kentucky. There's no connectivity here, so this won't get posted until later this week- you understand.

We are preparing for a big day tomorrow at seminary. We have a bunch of Earnie's dress clothes she hasn't worn in a year- so it comes under the rubric that demands that is goes somewhere that it can be used- for instance the clothes pantry. Giving is not a seasonal thing.

As I reflect on the amazing things God has been doing in our lives lately I am seized with a mixture of deep comfort and giddy excitement-quite a mix. We are travelling into a realm of trust and dependence upon the spirit that will necessitate a discerning, watchful eye. I will be focusing my studies this year on theology per se. That means Iwill be faced with the challenge of learning stuff ABOUT God.

My prayer:

Lord, with you all things are possible. So make me wise.

So how do I go about approaching this study of God. How will it enable me to remain before the face of God- Coram Deo, with amazement , with passion in my heart? How does it usher me into the deep torrents of grace in the secret abiding places of my Jesus?

What do I take away from this time of study? Will I remain there with an adoring gaze and awe in my yearning soul? What is it about understanding and comprehending that will lead to apprehending the depths of the details of who He is- his likes and dislikes, his peculiar passions and rash excesses? Can this translate into relationship? Can it be made into something akin to the study of a spouse, a lover, a dear confidant? If not, I fear it will be wood hay, and stubble. Can this be translated from the finite into infinite realms of glorious intimacy?

Christology, soteriology, and theological terminologies are bankrupt to divulge the reality of the authentic author of our souls.

I believe that which we focus on most is what we become, so Jesus I want to focus on you. Please, please let me have your Spiriut guide me into the real, not the cogent appraisals of men, however lofty they may be. Let me never put you into a theological box. Lead me into all the truth.

Quote of the day:

The measure of the King is how much his people dance during his reign.

Good News!!! January 18, a day that will live in memory...

I learned today that under the circumstances, God has worked his will to my blessing again. According to set guidelines and deadlines, the first cohort I can qualify for in my doctoral program will be the 09 cohort which commences July of 2006. That gives me over a year to complete 12 hours of theology courses to level up to the requirements to enter the program. I had previously been under the assumption that I would need 18 hours of theology and 6 hours of Christian Education courses to accomplish this. My adviser just set me straight, and I am humbled by the prospects... thanks to a compassionate adviser, who will remain anonymous for now, for setting me on the straight path!

January 20, 2004 Inauguration Day

checked out the JibJab site for the latest in political satire. Fun stuff.

Earnie is tuned in while I am blogging to the festivities- she took a off a day to indulge herself in a favorite pastime- political curent events.

I was asked today to consider developing an online version of the Flash course I teach at the college- I jumped at the prospect- it will be some work, but hey, it;'s what i do, and it may provide the opportunity to teach an online course even after i leave the district. The Director course might follow...

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