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January 10, 2005 I had to just stop.

I had to just pull off the road this morning while listening to the radio report of the ongoing relief effort in Southeast Asia. I am not an empath but a sense of grief gripped me is a way that is intirely abnormal for me. Maybe that is a very good thing.

We have tried over the last week to determine the safety of a family we have supported for the past several years through World Vision. Seems the Myanmar officials are in denial that there was much destruction and loss of life in that country, but the reports vary wildly.

Happy Birthday indeed!

Happy Birthday this week! This Blog is Two Years Old this week...can it be true????
We celebrated Earnie's birthday with a two day movie binge and fishfest with friends. Yumm...This place has the world's best hushpuppies...along with southern and soul fare...
The crew at Hatfield's and McCoy's treated Earnie with a great rendition of "I don't know but I've been told someone here is gettin' old!" and a free dessert.

We saw Finding Neverland as a result of a heads up by a friend and it was a real winner in the Foster household. Yesterday proved the critics wrong (again) as we were both fascinated by the screen adaptation of Phantom of the Opera.
The snow is all but gone after the temps moderated yesterday. This is it, Frosty!
I am praying we will get some extended cold weather to kill out the critters in the yard this year. Japanese beetle larvae make great mole food.

Relevant news items:

Sudanese Leaders Sign Peace Agreement

The north-south war has pitted Sudan's Islamic government against rebels seeking greater autonomy and a greater share of the country's wealth for the largely animist south. The conflict is blamed for more than 2 million deaths, primarily from war-induced famine and disease. Not to mention the genocide of Christians.

The Passion of The Christ won for best film drama at the People's Choice Awards last night.

Check out Barna's end of year update...

Read Al Mohler's comments on "The Congregation," which was recently broadcast nationwide on PBS, wherein viewers were promised an unprecedented look into the life of a mainstream Protestant congregation. See the January 10th article from which these lines are excerpted:

"A vague but highly useful concept of liberation is really all that remains. Jesus is transformed into an agent of gay liberation and a declaration of homosexuality becomes an exercise in personal "authenticity."

January 11, 2005 Narnia Heads up!

This painting is what is on the background of the Standee that is in theatres across the country. It's awesome artwork that shows, not only the woods with the Lamp-post, but also an expansive view of Narnia with a castle in the background. Thanks for the heads up, Larry!

Sunday's lesson was Parable, Prayer, Paradox and Propitiation. Check it out on another server.

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