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January 8, 2006 Travelling is not conducive to blogging.

On the Broken Road

The road is long and the way is steep
O'er mountains high and valleys deep
It wends its way and while we weep
Through our tears we see the way.
The road's as narrow as it's long
On this broken road we travel on
It will either kill us or make us strong
If we do not go astray.

There are challenges round every bend
On the road where we learn to depend
This road is a holy means to His end
And His will won't be denied
We're broken people one and all
On the broken road though we may fall
Though we may not walk we still can crawl
On our knees we'll see our guide.

The broken road is a road of grace where comfort is denied
There's no room for regret in this place There's no place for foolish pride
The path will humble every man In its narrow twists and turns
If you would pass this way cast on Him all your concerns

The broken road will break you
But then you will be made strong
The broken road will take you
To the home for which you long
You'll never make much headway
'Til you lay down your heavy load
To find the path of glory
We must walk the broken road.

Anthony Foster
January 10, 2006

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