January 5 , 2004 Catch me Later this week I will be all caught up with Holiday Happenings...
BTW, Happy Newt Year!
Think Like Jesus

Have you ever wondered why research consistently shows that most born again Christians are indistinguishable from non-Christians in their attitudes and behavior? Have you been concerned that the Church is not having the influence it ought to have on our society? Based on years of research and testing, George Barna addresses these important issues in his compelling new book, Think Like Jesus. The premise is simple: you cannot act like Jesus until you think like Jesus.

So, how can we think like Jesus? Barna contends that the key is developing a worldview that incorporates critical scriptural principles and translates those beliefs into specific action.

Barna concludes from his research that only one in seven "born again" adults believes that moral truth is absolute and the Bible is their moral compass. Only six percent of all Americans possess the foundations of a Biblical world view.

I've started reading it- rather Earnie and I are discussing it after our devotions so check here for reviews of it soon...

We have also started listening to one of our Christmas presents-an NAS translation of the Bible in audio format. I had been looking for a NAS version for a while as that is what we study from. It is amazing what stands out through the ear gate- nothing new of course but a different take than what comes in from the eyes. The dynamics of listening and visualizing are different than reading.

Speaking of Eargate and Eyegate- here is a link to Bunyan's The Holy War

Books for Christmas- yay!

I received a hardback version of The Holy Bible : King James Version, illustrated by America's foremost woodcut artist, Barry Moser. It is a work of art that graphically communicates the authentic verities of the word of God. Here is a CrossCurrents article by Catherine Madsen about the work that I commend to you.

Note : I do disagree with Madsen that the images are rooted in the modern sensibility. I contend that they are timeless and raw in the way that speaks beyond cultural categories. It is pious in its impiety in that a reverence for authenticity comes through.

Written from an artist/producer point of view, Digital Storytellers combines theory and practice in describing how to create worship that speaks to the digital age. Includes start up strategies for churches of all sizes, ideas for integrating media into worship and ways to interpret the Word as image and art. Based on the authors' cutting edge work.

The best-selling "how to" book written to aid churches in the formation and implementation of a highly effective media ministry. Includes a brief philosophy on media ministry, a primer on designing "eye-popping" graphics, explanations that demystify the necessary technologies, ideas on team formation, and much, much more.

Earnie got me several Dave Barry Volumes for arcane chuckles and yuks.

Got a copy of Soldier of the Cross concert on DVD by Ricky Skaggs- glad my friends know my eclectic tastes!

Spent some Christmas money on Paul Baloche's new CD Offering of Worship- Wish I had realized it was out on DVD though...

Got the first two IWorship DVD's for Earnie and I must say we were a bit disappointed with the quality of the video effects and imagery- I think I can do better and be more in tune with the images the words elicit. Lots of what looked like stock footage of skies and clouds with boring after Effects type work that do not really elicit a sense of the awesomeness of the Most High and Holy God, IMHO. So rather than carping I may just go for it.

Things I didn't get for Christmas...

Mr. T. Bank with slot in mohawk...sucka!

Quote of the day:

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be." Douglas Adams

Then again this is also from Douglas:

"The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't."


Jesus really had it in for me today link via JordonCooper...

Brian Maclaren on how to become and extinct church or avoid extinction.

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