Pleasant Grove Cemetery, recorded October 10, 2008.

5285 Highway 44 East (N 38 1.2100 W 85 37.8200)

The following missing inscriptions were read in 1989 by Doris Owen:

O. A.(Should be Charles A.) Bishop 1876-1916; Ella Bishop 1880-1911. These are likely the paper incriptions on wooden crosses on row 12.; Kate Jackson Tyler 1928; "Miss" Richy July 12, 1845; Sanders; Sanders

In addition Anthony Foster identified this stone in a 1975 reading --A. A. R. Vardiman 1838. It is now missing or illlegible.

Some of the readings that are now illegible are supplied from a 1975 reading by A. Foster

Row 1
Top North West Corner

James F. Lewis

Lela M. Lewis

Andrew J. Willouby

Elizabeth Ballard Willouby

William Loyd Willoughby Floyd Andrew Hardin Dorthy A. Kitterman Wylmer Anthony Hardin Patricia Suzanne Hardin Shirley Eugene Willouby
Row 2
Nellie Mae Thompson Andrew J. Willouby


Shirley E. Willouby footstone Myrtle Cleo Montgomery Woodrow H. Curtsinger

Marvin H. Curtsinger, Sr.

Ruby L. Trent Curtsinger

John H. Curtsinger

Lisa C. Curtsinger

Anna Muzzett Jackson Rufus Jackson
Row 3
Edna Owen Vernet Clark

Virgil Delmar Foster

Alma Ridgway Foster

Marvin H. Curtsinger George Edwin Clark

Charles L. Rummage

Mattie J. Rummage

Cecil Smith Dallas Warren Foster

Lola Ann Foster

Alma Chadwell Eldon G. Foster

Charlotte R. Foster

Row 4
Cynthia Maddox Charlie J. Maddox

Ethel R. Maddox

Fieldstone Coleman D. Maddox Mina Lee Middleton Charlie Adrian Maddox
Row 5
Nathan Wayne Maddox Elizabeth M. Foster

Franklin D. Foster

Bobby Allen Foster R. L. "Lute" Hardin

Clara E. Hardin

Row 6
Myrtle (Temple)

last name missing

Russell Lee Miles Carlie A. Manion

Inez Whitledge Manion

Row 7
Field or broken stone Mirttie Nelson Charles Nelson

Eddie Bell Nelson

Louise Showler

Lemuel W. Tyler

Maudie Waters Tyler

Louis Whitledge Jr.

Patti K. Whitledge

Row 8

Dayton Delmar Foster

Margaret Ann Foster

Ama Lee Grant Tyler

Paul Thomas Shepherd

Laura Marlene Shepherd

Billie E. Stallings

Donna L. Stallings

J. B. Proctor

Juanita B. Proctor

John B. Proctor


Row 9
Roscoe Cox

Frances Cox

James E. Powers, Jr. Irma Dell Tyler-McDaniel Lillian Clark Lee Hugh Clark

Lottie Clark

William Franklyn McCubbins

William Thomas McCubbins

Willie Gertrude McCubbins

Judith Ann Gagel Jesse Russel (J.R.) Foster

Mary Magdalene

Harold Edward Meredith

Blondeana Jo Stallings Meredith

Row 10

May Belle Whitledge

Louis S. Whitledge

Flossie B. Whitledge

Betty C. Ridgway now illegible

Dorathy Larine Clark

infant child of Hughes and Lottie Clark

d. May 12, 1920

now illegible

infant child of Hughes and Lottie Clark

d. May 13, 1926

now illegible

James Clark

Infant son of Hughes and Lottie Clark

d. 1931

Russell Hughes Clark

Feb 20, 1913

Jan 9, 1935

Leroy Foster

Evelyn McEntyre Foster

Infant Son of E. H. and M. Vardiman Jesse R. Foster


Jesse R. Foster, Sr. Josie Bivens Foster Augustine G. Foster

Willie Owen Foster

Raymond Lee Stallings

Frances Foster Stallings

Theodore E. Gentry

Evelyn C. Gentry

Row 11
Arthur L Gaines

Mabel W. Gaines

Harry V. Clark

Roxie A. Clark

John S. Franklin

Minnie M. Franklin

John T. Whitledge

Elsie C. Whitledge

John W. Whitledge

Jane L. Whitledge

Nathan Tobe Whitledge Ross Lee Bridwell

Lucille Bridwell

James Hilary Clark Ernest B. Simmons

Clara T. Simmons

Lois Simmons

Clarence L. Terry Jr.

Lisa R. Terry

Cindy L. Armstrong Ellis E. Stallings

Elnora B. Stallings Foster

gap Shirley M. Lewis

Raymond Scrogham

Virginia M. Scrogham

Charles L. Lewis William R. Casey

Beulah R. Casey

Leonard R. Owen
Row 12

Geraldine L. Traylor

William T. Traylor

Gary Clifford Traylor Gilbert F. Clark

Mildred D. Clark





Stapled paper inscriptions toally weathered away Barbara Armstrong Perkins

Martha Armstrong Wade

Cyril C. Armstrong

Thomas Everette Armstrong

Ollie Blanche Armstrong

Ernest B. Simmons


J. G. Armstrong

Hallie C. Armstrong

Rolla Emerie Newton

Annie Elizabeth Newton

Alvine G. Foster

Beulah D. Foster

Clarence L. Terry Jr.


Allard O. Armstrong

Paralee L. Armstrong

unknown husband wife

Wilbur R. Hall

Doris Ann Hall

Ellis Cook

Elsie Foster Cook

E. A. Cook

Edward P. Henry Sr.

Brenda K. Smith Henry

Lyman W. Hall

Eula Stallings Hall

Lewis Douglas Hall R. W. Sanders (Sanders) fieldstone Sanders? footstone? Georgia Logsdon

Carl B. Logsdon

Row 13
Lena C. Rutledge Edward Bridwell

Pearley Bridwell

Hubert J. Cox

Wylma E. Cox

Ann Ora Proctor David F. Cox Gary Hodge

Hillary Hall

Straus Hall

Lula Hall

Emery Hall

Chester J. Peacock Richard "Pete" Peacock

Marilyn JoAnn Peacock

Roy A. Peacock Addie Mae Peacock Clarence Peacock

Jess Peacock

Mae Peacock

Mayme Peacock Bissinger

Andrew P. Bissinger

Theodore Nelson

Virginia Nelson

Edward L. Minton

Frances I. Minton

James T. Kittle Coleman R. Kittle Lincoln Haden Cash Mary Katherine Richardson Wilbur R. Hall


Rickey W. Hall Rickie Allen Armstrong Logsdon footstones
Row 14
Clay Whitledge

Josephine Whitledge

William Ridgway Minerva Whitledge Lou S. Ridgway

Dorothea Hall Johnson

Hugh G. Hall

Lillie Bass Hall

Douglas Hall

Kate Roby Hall

Lenwell Midkiff

Dena Midkiff

Dr. Larry K. Williams Douglas Foree Owen

Eulah Beryl Owen

W. Peacock Mollie DeVier Peacock

Kate Huff Jackson Samuel Jackson Sr. J. E. Bass

Vernia Bass

Howard Chester Morrow

Mary A. Morrow

Earnest Paul Thompson Betty L. Kierney Eisman Eudell Grant Flood Bennie F. Roby

Blanche L. Roby

McKenzie Owen

Sgt. Co. F. 34 Ky Inf

Civil War

Gap Chester Tyler

Hervey C. Tyler

Callie Johnston Tyler

Troy Gray Wayne E. Lakes Rickey Wayne Armstrong

Danita Armstrong

Nadine Hall Floyd D. Stallings

A. Frances Stallings

Row 15
Texie Fay Sprung Raymond C. Jenkins

Ruby Stallings Jenkins

Joseph W. Devine Jr.

Corine Ridgway Devine

Arlene Martha Orlena Devine

Bert Ridgway

Viola Ridgway

Herman S. Whitledge Hazel Lee Travis James Posey Grant

Cordelia T. Grant

Ida Wise Jesse Jones

Eunice Jones

Alma B. Smith

Kirby S. Grant

Nettie C. Grant


(partly illegible)

Cate Jackson Tyler

born 1858

died 1928

Husband Wife
Row 16
Kenneth R. "Jim" Armstrong

Dorothy Lloyd Armstrong

Doris Ann Armstrong

J. O. Ridgway

Martha E. Ridgway

Terry W. Morton Joshua Steven Hall J. T. Ridgway

Nannie Ridgway

Lidia Ridgway Henry Roy Ridgway James Posey Grant footstone Ramona Simpson Smith

J. O. Smith

Carey E. Smith

Norma C. Smith

Robert L. Smith

Nannie B. Smith

Russell C. Smith

Howard C. Morrow Robert L. Grant

Winnie Grant

Gap Tree
Row 17
Robert N. Hall Thurston Stallings Claud C. Stallings

Ethel Owen Stallings

James A. Ridgway Margaret Trigg Ridgway J. Hommer Trigg Infant daughter of T. H. and L. B. Morehead Newton?? Illegible Louis C. Stallings

Mollie J. Stallings

T. H. Wise

Bettie E. Wise

Marvin L. Stallings

Lillian Loyd Stallings

Mamie M. Stallings

John B. Stallings Lillie Stallings Bridwell William T. Stallings

Laura Stallings

John R. Stallings

Joetta Stallings

Albert F. Armstrong

Sudie C. Armstrong

Wallace Armstrong

Hazel Armstrong

Dewey Lee Simmons

Willie Mae Grant Simmons

Infant daut of H. S. and E. S. Stallings Earl Stallings Henry Smith Stallings

Emma V. Stallings

Anna M. Stallings

Caperton O. "Jackie" Lloyd

Fern Stallings Lloyd

Louis Glen Gentry

Joyce Jenkins Gentry

Row 18
C. W. Ridgway Eliza Ridgway John W. Lloyd

Roxie E. Lloyd

Tommie Dale Waters

Emmett Frank Hornbeck

Lelia Stallings Hornbeck

Patricia Ann Leonhardt Ford Ruth Leonhardt Anna G. Armstrong Atholine Armstrong Conrad Armstrong John W. Bridwell

Molly Bridwell

Mollie E. Bridwell W. T. Stallings Unmarked marble Maggie Stallings Infant son of Roy and Lelia Stallings James Alexander Trigg W. Thornton Trigg

George S. Newton Ollie Newton Ridgway Laura E. Newton Hughe Mofield

Edith Myrtle Mofield

David E. Huff

Davis Virgie Iona Huff

John Miner Grant fieldstone fieldstone Waldo Brown Gentry

Geneva Stallings Gentry

"Tommy" Virgil Duane Grant

Estill Ray Bridwell Grant

Robert Lee Bridwell

Ethel V. Bridwell

Norman F. Armstrong

Ruby D. Armstrong

Infant daughter of A.F. and S. C. Armstrong Reuben Hoagland Armstrong Wallace Armstrong footstong Dewey L. Simmons footstone Opal Michael Dacon Lonnie D. Deacon Cecil Ray Stallings

Nannie Deacon Stallings

Jess J. Alcorn

Lillie L. Alcorn

Gladys Alcorn
General Shots

Looking NE

Looking SW

Looking SE

Looking SE

Looking South

Looking NNW

Looking NW

NNW closeup

Looking NNE gap

Unmarked stones--could be G. S. Newton footstones

Norman F. Armstrong footstone

Mother Son

Father Mother

No stones/markers Stillborn male Stallings
Born 10/22/1916
Died 10/22/1916
Child of Roy and Lelia Hecker Stallings
James Hartwell Morrison
Born 9/12/1902
Died 12/20/1917
William C. Ward
Born 1/2/1869
Died 7/12/1911
Emelia Seidel
Born 9/4/1873 Russia
Died 10/30/1911
Maria Seidel
Born 10/15/1911
Died 11/05/1911
Ella Ridgway Bishoff
Born 1/20/1880
Died 11/8/1911
Daughter of Nathan and Eliza Robards Ridgway
Bessie Sadler
Born 5/12/1893
Died 6/9/1914