Gibson J50 Deluxe 1975 Natural Serial#  99172946


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This is one of the American guitars that Japan during the 70's, and the rest of the world, have copied ever since, a vintage 1975 Gibson J50 in good condition. This is a vintage Gibson Nerlins era acoustic with Gibson's signature tone that can only be described as outstanding.


All said, it is a good sample of a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar over 45 years old. Many of these vintage Gibson guitars, apart from being played to death, suffered from splitting on tops and backs and deteriorating tortoise shell binding that, in many cases, shrank and crumbled. I repaired and cleated the top cracks that came with it and consolidated the crumbling tortoloid binding that seems to be a feature of this eraีs Gibsons.


The cosmetic results were exceptional; the sonic results afford crisp highs with strong lows, wonderful projection, excellent neck angle, wonderful action on a comfortable straight neck, 1-11/16ths at the nut. Fingerboard and frets have very light play wear and tons of life left in them. Truss rod functions fine. The double-X bracing pattern does not seem to kill the tone on this one.

  Most people know what these guitars are but here are the specs anyway:


* Solid spruce top

* Solid mahogany back and sides

* Square shouldered dreadnought shape

* Double X bracing

* Mahogany/maple/mahogany laminated neck

* Factory Gibson Deluxe tuners

* Keystone buttons on tuners

* Longer pick guard with point at upper bout

* Original hard shell case

* String height at 6/12 1.25mm